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Making It One of The Most Trusted & Complete Digital Marketing Platforms On The Market.

Facebook Ads

Our system for setting up and managing Facebook Ads saves you time, and gets you better results. Programmatic, of course.

Page Management

Manage the entire flow of communication on your Facebook Pages, and combine it with contests and campaigns to collect customer data.


Get social media buzz monitoring, compare your own results with those of your competitors, and get insights that will help you make better decisions.

Brands that trust us

Facebook marketing can be easy and effective.

Our system is built to help you create and manage winning Facebook advertising campaigns, help you manage your Facebook Pages more efficiently, and get statistics that lead you to better marketing decisions.

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Everything you need to succeed with digital marketing

Fanbooster is loaded with features you don’t even know you need. We carefully listen to our users, see what is trending, and constantly integrate new features.