[Free ebook] Content Marketing Explained

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bookgMarketing has come a long way since printed ads and other forms of commercials. We keep hearing about ‘content marketing’ as a way to grow your business, but what does it really mean – and how do you do it?

Don’t let the frustration stop you. Working with data and understanding your target group is the first step towards enlightenment.

This free ebook contains wise words from industry leaders such as Brian Carter, Theo Cooper and Kristjan Mar Hauksson and will highlight what you should do to succeed with implementing content marketing as part of your marketing strategy.

Among other things, this is what we’ll be talking about in this free PDF ebook:

– What is content marketing, and could it generate sales for me?
– What’s the difference between content- and performance marketing?
– What role does storytelling play here?
– How should I measure the success of our content marketing efforts?

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