Remarketing done easy.

A successful Facebook presence involves Facebook Ads. One of the main challenges is updating and administrating your ad audiences. That’s why we created ‘Audiencer’. By building custom audiences, you can target your ads to reach relevant people with a relevant message.

      • Automatically feed from your landing pages
      • Import your customer data as often as you want, into one auto-updated custom audience
      • Combine your data with new and old data from your landing pages
      • Create lookalikes of your audience – also auto-updated
      • Save sooo much time on managing your audiences

How does it work?

Choose source

Connect the landing pages you wish to feed entries into any given audience from


Upload your own customer data and merge it with what you have through Fanbooster

Lookalike audiences

Now you can choose to target this audience through ads, or even create lookalike audiences – which means you get back people who look like the ones you just uploaded.

Get your retargeting on!

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