In a busy day full of emails and responsibilities it’s easy to sometimes forget to maintain your Facebook page. You might remember to post from time to time (we hope you post daily tho), but in our experience it’s important to give your page a little love from time to time.

These are 5 things we think you should block the next half hour to do. Because it will make you feel good, and make your customers get more out of your page.

  1. Update your page info
    You know all that information you put in when you made your page right? Well, the long and the short description probably both need an update. Make it stand out and really explain in a passionate way why people should like your page. Also make sure all the rest of the contact information and other relevant things like contact info is up to date.
  2. Make your profile picture your logo
    Facebook recommends that you have your logo as your profile picture, we agree with that. It’s also smart to make sure it looks really crisp and have the right proportions. Find a high resolution of it, that also stands out in the really small version of it that will appear next to your business name.
  3. Freshen up your cover photo
    A cover photo really gives you the chance to tell your story, and give your audience the feel of the page that you’d like. It’s also a great place to highlight a fan maybe, or the thing your marketing team is focusing on this month. Be creative, and make it look real good.
  4. Look over your apps
    All the apps you have on your page, do you need them? Are they up to date? Should you make a new one? Look over your apps with fresh eyes, pretend you are visiting your page for the first time. Are they easy to understand? Anything missing?
  5. Make sure you post when people are in front of the screen, not when you are
    Last but maybe the most important point. Make sure that your posts are published when your audience are actually online. In our experience the best time to post is 17:00 and 23:00 – and weekends. You should schedule your posts and find out when the most effective time is for you. What creates the most engagement, when do the click your links and engage in your content. Make sure you know.

That’s our five tips. You should at least look over these things every six months, to make sure your page always looks fresh.

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Good luck, and have fun!