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VP of Marketing at Fanbooster. Previously co-founder of Fennek & Friends and iFrapp, merged with Fanbooster in 2013. Passionate about marketing, innovation, and Will Ferrell.

Fanbooster Restructure (ENG)

Prefer the Norwegian version? Read it here.

Fanbooster’s big restructure project is just a few days away from launch! We’ve rebuilt the foundation for Fanbooster. The goal: to make user administration and access more intuitive and logical. This is something you – the users – have given us a lot of constructive feedback on, so now […]

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Fanbooster Restrukturering (Norsk)

Fanboosters store restruktureringsprosjekt nærmer seg med stormskritt! Vi har rett og slett bygget opp grunnmuren i Fanbooster på nytt. Målet er å gjøre det lettere og mer logisk å administrere brukertilganger og konti. Dette er noe vi har fått mye konstruktiv feedback på fra dere – brukerne – gjennom lang tid. Så nå gjør vi noe […]

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Slik engasjerer du fans denne påsken

Påsken oppstod som kjent da sjokoladeselskapet Nidar lette etter en måte å få solgt all julemarsipanen til overs etter jul – til fullpris. Neida. Påsken er faktisk en ekte høytid som ikke handler om at handelsstanden skal få solgt mer. Men det byr seg likevel noen muligheter til å engasjere fans og skape salg i påsken.

Her […]

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The best digital marketing news source – Greger Flak, NXT/A2N

Greger Flak is a performance specialist & partner at NXT/A2N. He’s also a speaker at Fanbooster Day, where he’ll take you on a nerdy – and super useful – journey in the beautiful symbiosis between Google and Facebook. Get tickets here –> fb.st/day

My tip to all digital marketers is this brilliant site: http://searchengineland.com/
Here you’ll get all the digital […]

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URL shortener and link stats – Fanbooster fb.st

Shortening links is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get valuable insights on what’s working in your digital marketing. And just as important – what’s not working.

For the record: the terms “URL” and “link” are used interchangeably here. Sorry about that. They pretty much mean the same thing: an address on the world wide web (the internet).
Example: […]

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Content creation tips, by Ida Serneberg, Nordic Choice Hotels

Ida Serneberg is the Social Media Manager at Nordic Choice Hotels and works with content strategy. On Fanbooster Day, November 2, she will talk about the importance of values and brand in social media marketing. See entire program and buy tickets here. Her Thursday Marketing Tip is about content creation.

-When creating content, research is 80 […]

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Marketing Tip – Helene Svabø, SOS Barnebyer

Helene Svabø is the Digital Marketing Manager at SOS Barnebyer (SOS Children’s Villages), and was previously Head of Performance Marketing at Empefire. Helene shares the following Thursday Marketing Tip:

-Use data from content campaigns for retargeting – maximize branding to conversion! As “every publisher” – like the big online newspapers – now provides advertisers content/native solutions, and […]

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Marketing Tip – Meri Sørgaard, Appear.in

Meri Sørgaard is the Product Marketing Manager at appear.in, which operates as an independent startup within the incubator environment of Telenor Digital. Until a few months ago she was Head of Content and Social Media at the digital agency, SMFB Engine. Meri shares the following Thursday Marketing Tip:

-I want you to stop looking at the […]

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Fanbooster Help

We’re proud to present the people behind the Fanbooster Customer success team. You might already know them, so what’s new?
We’ve stepped up the focus on making material that helps you succeed. Both here (in beta), and on this very blog.
And it’s a more proactive way of looking at our interaction with you – the Fanbooster users. […]

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Thursday Marketing Tip – Fredrik Østbye, Fred, Ed & Heimly

Fredrik Østbye, of Fred, Ed & Heimly, has worked as a digital advisor and creative for more than a decade, and is an award winning copywriter. Fredrik shares the following Thursday Marketing Tip:

-Don’t settle on one idea. Ever! Whether you’re brainstorming ideas for updates in social media or you’re planning your next big campaign, don’t […]

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