How to reach teens on Facebook

Teens are not leaving Facebook. Thank God, they are not leaving. Crisis averted.

I can’t even count how many times I´ve heard that Twitter is dying and “every one” seems to be leaving Facebook. But it´s not true, not true at all! New data coming out shows that teens are on Facebook. They use it regularly, […]

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Click tracking is leaner, meaner and cleaner

People are more likely to click a short link than a longer one. It looks more businesslike and professional to share shortened links on social media, and it will help you track where your clicks are coming from. Click tracking is something that I recommend using when split-testing (A/B-testing) posts and Facebook Ads to see […]

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Don’t Be an Adhole: Remarketing Tips

A study done by Hans-Bernd Brosius and Christina Peter talks about selective exposure as such: “people choose certain types of media content and avoid other types.” Do you know what this means? No? I’ll get back to that later.

Let’s make an example for the sake of keeping things simple. I was leaving for a workshop […]

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A quick overview on Twitter Ads and how Twitter can improve

Not long ago Twitter launched their advertising tool. On their website they say their ad tool will help you to: create engagement with your followers, get more followers, website clicks/conversions, App installs and potential sale.

With Twitter Ads you can create campaigns that will help you get results based on increase followers, conversions or app-installs that can […]

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How to be a startup on Facebook

Did you know that more than half a million Norwegians want to start their own business, but only 10% try to? 60 000 Norwegians try to make it every year. Owning a startup can be challenging in many ways, especially getting what you want on social media. I´ve been working for startups in social media […]

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How the retailer JYSK pivoted for a social media crisis

On monday, June 22nd around 10PM norwegian time, a dissatisfied customer published an image on the Norwegian Facebook page of JYSK – an international furniture retailer:

“Nice that this spider came along with our garden furniture when we unpacked today. It seems he’s from Vietnam, where the furniture has been manufactured”.

About 30 minutes later, Rune Østvik Nordli (Social […]

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Why media monitoring matters for storytelling

You probably have heard us or someone else say that it’s important that you listen to your customers – that you actively engage with them and monitor what people are saying about your brand.

Not long ago, I attended Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference – where I met some amazing people who I learned a lot from. […]

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Getting started with Facebook Business Manager

We assume you already have a Facebook profile, as well as a Facebook Page for your business. The first thing you might want to do, is to create a “Business Manager” account. Business Manager allows all your ad accounts, Pages and apps to be gathered in one place. You can also invite external people, such […]

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Crisis Management on Facebook

If you choose to be on social, you need to be social. That means you need to interact with your followers. Of course, it might happen that people write on your page, or send you a message. Sometimes this might be positive feedback, however – you can’t please all of the people all of the […]

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A new wave of landing pages – the landing page 2.0

Another post from our trip to Traffic and Conversion Summit. This time we want to share how landing pages are getting a new spike in popularity. The next generation landing pages are here – and they convert like crazy!

A dedicated landing page for selling your service and products have always been the most effective way […]

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