Derfor må du komme igang med Facebook Dynamic Ads

Jobber du i nettbutikk? Ok, da bør du fortsette å lese. Facebook Dynamic Ads er en løsning for å markedsføre hele eller deler av produktkatalogen på Facebook/Instagram. Det passer veldig bra for deg med nettbutikk, høy nettrafikk og stort varelager – for det kan bety betydelig mer salg til både nye og eksisterende kunder.
Mange er […]

Slik engasjerer du fans denne påsken

Påsken oppstod som kjent da sjokoladeselskapet Nidar lette etter en måte å få solgt all julemarsipanen til overs etter jul – til fullpris. Neida. Påsken er faktisk en ekte høytid som ikke handler om at handelsstanden skal få solgt mer. Men det byr seg likevel noen muligheter til å engasjere fans og skape salg i påsken.

Her […]

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The best digital marketing news source – Greger Flak, NXT/A2N

Greger Flak is a performance specialist & partner at NXT/A2N. He’s also a speaker at Fanbooster Day, where he’ll take you on a nerdy – and super useful – journey in the beautiful symbiosis between Google and Facebook. Get tickets here –> fb.st/day

My tip to all digital marketers is this brilliant site: http://searchengineland.com/
Here you’ll get all the digital […]

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URL shortener and link stats – Fanbooster fb.st

Shortening links is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get valuable insights on what’s working in your digital marketing. And just as important – what’s not working.

For the record: the terms “URL” and “link” are used interchangeably here. Sorry about that. They pretty much mean the same thing: an address on the world wide web (the internet).
Example: […]

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Content creation tips, by Ida Serneberg, Nordic Choice Hotels

Ida Serneberg is the Social Media Manager at Nordic Choice Hotels and works with content strategy. On Fanbooster Day, November 2, she will talk about the importance of values and brand in social media marketing. See entire program and buy tickets here. Her Thursday Marketing Tip is about content creation.

-When creating content, research is 80 […]

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Become an Instagram superstar!

Instagram is a great social network to build a strong brand, interact with your customers and – last but not at least – to gain new customers. Follow these easy tricks to step up the game and make your brand an Instagram superstar!

1) This is basic, but so many still fail at this: use great pictures! […]

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New Facebook Page Design and The Return of the Facebook Tab App

You might have seen it. Facebook has changed the look of Facebook Pages. Again. Remember that beautiful time, long ago, when tab apps were linked from a left hand side menu? Yeah. Well, the menu’s back, and it’s great news! Also, the previous apps thumbnails, which displayed your three most prominent apps, have been moved from […]

Thursday Marketing Tip – Victoria Foster, Trendwatching.com

Victoria Foster heads TrendWatching.com’s international trend spotter community, tw.in.

-My tip is a collection of newsletters I receive daily which are a constant source of inspiration, motivation and give me a daily (or weekly) kick-up the butt.

First up is the community newsletter from Loyal.is. This company is all about helping brands create meaningful and useful communities, […]

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5 Super Simple Ways to Boost Your Facebook Advertising Conversion Rates

Looking to improve the conversion rate of your Facebook advertising campaigns?

Here are 5 things you can implement right now to give your campaigns a boost:

1. Leverage every opportunity you have to sell the benefits of your offering
One mistake I often see people make is failing to use every opportunity to convince people of the benefits […]

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Thursday Tip – Sindre Holme, Starcom

Sindre Holme, Creative Director (and judging by the the manipulated picture on the left here clearly not a designer!) at Starcom Norway recommends “Sapiens – a brief history of human kind” by Yuval Noah Harari.”

-It’s a completely mindblowing piece where he explains how our race has developed the last 70 000 years. It might not […]

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