Social media is slowly, but steady, working itself into most businesses around the world. It’s now a mutual understanding that social media done right can be of great value to your brand. The problem is that a lot of companies are doing more things wrong than right on social media.

That’s why we made a list of how to rock and not suck in social media.

  1. Don’t treat social media as traditional advertising
    Social media is about building relationships and adding value – for you and your audience. You must create content that does not feel like advertising. Listen to your audience, repsond to their feedback. In short – be cool.
  2. Don’t buy friends with iPads
    Done right competitions can be highly effective and create value both for you and your audience. But just giving away stuff, and especially unoriginal prizes with no relevance to your brand, just makes you look stupid.
  3. Word art and stock photos
    Make sure the pictures and graphics you share look good. You are supposed to get your message through next to your audience’s friends and interests. Cheesy stock photos and ugly word art graphics won’t help. Make it look good, not cheesy.
  4. Publish when your audience are in front of their screens
    Most brands post when they are at the office. The problem is, your audience is probably at the office too. And that’s not very effective. Post when they are in front of the screen – not when you are.
  5. Listen and respond
    Being in social media gives certain responsibilities as a brand. Actively listen to what people say about you, your products and your industry. Respond in a fast and friendly manner – and make them love you.
  6. Don’t be a spammer (bonus tip!)
    You don’t like spam, we don’t like spam. So think twice before posting. Will this add value or not?

Good luck.

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