Dag Bengtson from our Stockholm office and myself attended Stockholm TechFest last Wednesday. It was a blast! “Welcome to the Unicorn Factory” I read on a huge banner while walking into the event. That was so cool, I wish Norway could be more bold like that. Dag and I manned the Fanbooster booth, and we got to talk to so many new startups and also more established businesses, like the CEO of Qliro Group, Paul Fischbein. Watch our interview with him below.

My highlight from the TechFest was to see and hear the artist Ryan Leslie talk about his startup Disruptive Multimedia and his product The DMM Superphone. Their slogan is “Your entire audience in your address book”. Several artists have already started using it, like 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. This kind of software was new to me. But, one of my colleagues, Takin, is a huge fan of Ryan Leslie and has been a member of Leslie’s Superphone for a while.

On Ryan Leslie’s website he says he had a dream, and he wanted to see it come true: said he had a dream and he did see it come true:

Imagine me being able to look up every member of my fanbase on my iPhone and actually know who they are on a personal level. This is the dream I’ve always had. To be able to actually recognize you at the meet & greet. To be able to actually know how you were feeling yesterday because I caught your latest posts on Instagram and Twitter. That is why I’ve started this club and turned my existing phone into a SuperPhone. I call this group the #Renegades because I know this is an unorthodox approach. Nevertheless it’s one in which I truly believe. Hit me anytime via email or text: r@mzrt.com or +1 (915) 600-6978 – I handle my own email and phone.”

Wow, just wow..

Skjermbilde 2015-09-07 kl. 15.07.12

His fans have generated over 534, 000 dollars in sales of albums, events and merchandise. Ryan Leslie presented this number on stage at TechFest. We see that the superphone has generated over 1 million in dollars of revenue to the artists (or creators as Mr. Leslie calls it). It´s amazing, and I truly believe this is something that we will see more of, and I hope big labels like Universal Music will think more about the community between fans and artists in the near future.

TechFest was life changing and I recommend everyone who´s interested in startups and technology to go there next year!

Now, onto the interview with one of online retail’s definitive superstars: The CEO, Paul Fischbein, of the Qliro Group that has Nelly, Gymgrossisten, CDON and lots of others companies. Hear what he has to say about how they use digital marketing and what he thinks the future within digital marketing will offer.