Foto: Harald Pettersen – Statoil ASA

We are attending the EnerWe energy communication conference in Stavanger this week, where all the big communication directors in the oil, gas and energy industry are present. 175 people in total. We’ve been listening, and talking to, attendees and speakers all day and it’s a great event.

But after spending the time discussing and reflection on the topics the speakers are focusing on we see a pattern that’s not very healthy. It’s all about the content marketing and nothing about dialog and relationships.

They talk, but don’t listen.

The only one that brought up dialog at all (and are doing a great job on Twitter) is Norsk Olje og Gass.

We believe that a successful social media strategy starts with listening, then dialog to build relationships – and then you can start to talk. Talk with your audience. And inspired by the response and suggestions by the community you start to create content. When you actually know what the audience wants.

Listen. Talk. Share. Create. Measure. Learn. Repeat.

Learn how to listen here.