Wow, that was an amazing Christmas! Our awesome customers had an all time high when it came to activity on their advent calendars. With over a million entries and 43% more unique users than last year, it’s safe to say that it was a good Christmas for everyone.

These are just the stats for the advent calendars, and do not include our customers that ran competitions via their wall. Using campaign sites to run activities such as these has clear advantages. You have access to all the data of all your attendees, and it’s easy to communicate with them as many times as you want after they have signed up.

There are different ways to reach them, but the following two ways are the most powerful.

Custom Audience
You can import all the emails and upload them to a Facebook Custom Audience via our Audiencer. When the list is uploaded you have the possibility to target them with ads. The best thing about this is that you know exactly who is seeing your ads – so it’s much easier to get your message through. (Remember that you have to clearly state your intentions in your Terms)

Mailing list
Email is still a very powerful way to reach your customers, you may use it to drive traffic to your site or to engage them once again.

By using campaign sites our customers have taken control over the experience their visitors have. They can showcased their products without the distraction of the wall where you are in constant battle of their attention.

Some other interesting stats that we can mention is that traffic via mobile increased over 48% since last year, and tablets made a giant leap with a 72% increase. Handheld traffic had over 40% of the overall traffic.


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