5 steps to drive sales with Facebook this Christmas

Are you ready for the Christmas season? We are. We love to see how businesses use Facebook actively for their marketing efforts before and during Christmas.

Christmas is about tradition. Getting together, having a great dinner, and opening presents. This Christmas, technology and tradition belong together more than ever before. We’re more connected than ever to the people and things that matter to us. You also have to take in consideration that 2014 is a multi-channel year. It’s crucial to have a consistent message across your marketing channels.
“Successful cross-channel selling will be the difference between a bulging stocking and a lump of coal for retailers this Christmas.” (Retail Week, July 2013)
We check Facebook through mobile device 14 times a day. (IDC Always Connected Report, March 2013). People are searching for, and collecting impressions not just from their desktop – but also from mobile phones and tablets. We share photos, and send greetings to loved ones – technology and tradition come together at Christmas.


Use your Facebook Page to drive traffic to your site or store

  • Set up your page to direct more traffic to your site:
  • Include a link to your website, company email address, phone number and blog. If you have a store, make sure your address, opening hours and telephone number are correct and easily available.
  • Import a list of your customers to build custom audiences and start advertising.
Identifying customers
When it comes to identifying customers for your Christmas marketing efforts – think about who’s actually going to buy the products. Are you promoting a nice bracelet for women? Target it to men. Perhaps you’re pushing gifts for men? Save the ladies by promoting the perfect gift for a man – targeted to women. Are you promoting toys? Target this to women too. Statistics shows that women are more likely to shop the Christmas gifts.
Create content that appeals to your target customers
  • Create content that pushes traffic to either your website or your physical store.
  • Remember, clear, eye-catching images drive lots of engagement from fans.
  • Test to learn what content works best with your customers.
  • Consider using fan-submitted images and always be alert to questions and comments.
  • Hosting interactive calendars/quiz applications is a great way to drive engagement.
    (Learn more about creating calendars for Facebook)
Advertising with Facebook
–       Reach the right people
o  Social engagement will provide you word of mouth
–       Every day, everywhere.
o   Your business message is shown across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
o   Your potential customers are spending more time on Facebook.
–       With proven results
o   Targeting the right message to the right people delivers great results.
o   Testing and improving your strategy is imperative.
Are you linking your ad out of Facebook and into your online store? Make sure your landing page is the page with the product you advertised. Don’t leave your customers searching for what they were looking for.

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