5 things you should do to be prepared for Christmas

Christmas is sneaking up on us, and at the Fanbooster HQ we’ve had that warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling for a while now. To make sure you get the most out of this Christmas  we made a list of 5 things you should do as soon as possible.

Create your content in advance and make sure you’re listening

Make sure you have posts, pictures and content ready so you can focus on other things when December kicks in! Make a post plan and let our publisher do the work. Schedule posts and go to the Christmas parties knowing that your posts are being published even though you’re on your fourth eggnog for the night.
Also make sure you are listening to all the right keywords that might spark conversations of interest.

Collect data via competitions and campaigns

Start having small competitions and campaigns to collect data you can use to target ads and use in your email marketing. A good idea is to have giveaways, coupons or easy quizzes to get the ball rolling (but make sure prizes match your brand, keep the “iPads” to a minimum, folks. Unless you’re Apple, of course).

Prepare your Advent Calendar

Create and fill your Christmas calendar with content to make it ready to go live the first of December. Fill all the hatches with amazing prizes and fun challenges for your audience. The better you’re prepared, the better results you’ll get.

Let your audience create your content as well

Collect stories and ask for pictures from your audience that you can use as content when the snow starts falling. In order to gain trust, nothing beats others talking about why they love you. A good idea on how to get people to share, is via posts where you simply ask questions, and through contests and newsletters.

Allocate money for your ads

Facebook Ads is a crucial part of succeeding on Facebook. Make sure you have enough funds available so that you get your message spread to the right people. Ads done right can create a big return and reach.

Being prepared will save you tons of stress and fingernails. December should be a month of joy, and to make sure that happens you need to get started now.


If you need help with getting started. Contact us for a free Fanbooster demo – and we’ll make sure this Christmas gives the results you’re hoping for.