A more stable and grown up Facebook

So I just watched the F8 keynote. F8 is Facebook’s yearly (from this year on) developer conference where they in the past launched the “like” button that we use daily, and the timeline we all know and love. To be honest, we expected huge things. We were ready. Live blogs, attendees in the conference hall – and loads of pizza and Redbull.

What we got was.. well.. not mindblowing. And it took me some time to really take a step back and see what Facebook’s message to their developers actually was. And what I saw was kind of awesome – but in a different way than expected.

Facebook’s key message to developers was this: We got your back. We are not going to change things as fast and unpredictably as we have done in the past.

Every line of code that you you deploy to Facebook will work – in at least two years. And all major bugs we developers help them discover – Facebook are going to get fixed within 48 hours. Guaranteed.

As developers on the Facebook platform – we could not be more happy about this. We can now focus on making awesome stuff with Facebook. Instead of worrying if it still going to work in two months – or waking up to yet another format change.

Facebook is growing up. They’re making money, their users spend most of their time online within their platform and their relationship with the developers has never been better.

The future looks mighty bright if you ask us!

We are pumped! This makes us want to create more awesome stuff.

And that’s a good thing, for us – and for you.