A quick overview on Twitter Ads and how Twitter can improve

Not long ago Twitter launched their advertising tool. On their website they say their ad tool will help you to: create engagement with your followers, get more followers, website clicks/conversions, App installs and potential sale.

With Twitter Ads you can create campaigns that will help you get results based on increase followers, conversions or app-installs that can increase your profits with your business. You only pay if you get results. On Twitter’s site they say you can target your audience by: username, search words, interests, location, gender, language and even TV-conversation.

TV targeting is about promoting tweets to people engaged with specific TV shows, before, during and after a show. TV targeting makes it easy for TV networks and brands to easily to promote tweets to people engaged with specific TV shows, as well as sets of shows, by network or by genre. How interesting. I do love watching TV, mostly I pay attention to Twitter while watching Norwegian politicians debate on TV. People on Twitter certainly do have strong opinions. But hey, that’s what makes it fun.

July 6th Twitter announced their launch of Ads Manager, this means the users of Twitter Ads can use smartphones to keep updated on performance of their campaigns. But also keep track of campaign impressions, engagements, cost and rates – wherever you are. But Twitter will not let you build ad campaigns from their smartphone application, like Facebook’s Ads Manager App. So let´s hope they will find a solution for this soon.

To get more ad-data Twitter wants to know your birth date. If you do, balloons will appear on your profile when it´s your birthday. Josh Constine in TechCrunch describes is as a bit desperate. Isn’t that quite funny? Some of the things Twitter might struggle with when it comes to target ads is that when signing up for a Twitter-account they don’t ask for more than your name, username and phone number. How can they target their ads without knowing their user`s gender, age or position? Soon you’ll be able to give more information about yourself to Twitter.

I´m not sure I need to give much more information to Twitter, because Norway is such a small country, and based on my interests I think my feed will already soon be filled up by ads about tech, startups and Norwegian politics. They already “know” that these are my fields of interests, since these are the types of users and discussions that I follow. That would be alright with me because for me it means my newsfeed won’t change that much. Twitter definitely wants more information to aim for the ad- competition with Facebook. I think a lot of people will gladly give more information about themselves to get more interesting ads. And the big question is, are you going to do it?

Feel free to share your experiences in the comment-section below. We´ve tried Twitter ads for a few campaigns, but without conclusive results. More tests are in the pipeline, and we´ll be back with our results and experiences.

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