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Takin is a Digital Consultant at the marketing agency Iteo. He was previously Senior Digital Marketer at Fanbooster. He is always updated on the current state of digital marketing, and holds talks and lectures around the subject. He has worked with some of Norway's finest brands.

Working with Content Marketing in 2016

We’re at Content Marketing Performance conference in Oslo today, hearing great speakers such as Kristjan Mar Hauksson from SMFB Engine and Nina Hariede Larsen from DNB.

The main takeaway from this day is that content marketing is something you can’t ignore – but you have to choose how you want to work with it.

When starting to promote your […]

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Facebook Updates Ad Formats in the Audience Network

In 2014, Facebook launched Audience Network – Facebook’s option to extend rich targeting to mobile apps. According to Facebook over 2 million advertisers are currently using the Audience Network for advertising.

— What’s the news? —
Today – Facebook is launching an expansion of ad formats and ad types that are available in the Audience Network. In Facebook’s own words:

// […]

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What is performance marketing – and how do I do it?

Advertisers and marketers are becoming more and more aware of verifiable consumer actions as part of their digital advertising. Historically, performance marketing defined advertising campaigns with the objective of driving specific actions, and advertisers only paid when that action was completed.

I think that the pay-for-performance business models will still remain, but in the future of […]

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Don’t Be an Adhole: Remarketing Tips

A study done by Hans-Bernd Brosius and Christina Peter talks about selective exposure as such: “people choose certain types of media content and avoid other types.” Do you know what this means? No? I’ll get back to that later.

Let’s make an example for the sake of keeping things simple. I was leaving for a workshop […]

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How the retailer JYSK pivoted for a social media crisis

On monday, June 22nd around 10PM norwegian time, a dissatisfied customer published an image on the Norwegian Facebook page of JYSK – an international furniture retailer:

“Nice that this spider came along with our garden furniture when we unpacked today. It seems he’s from Vietnam, where the furniture has been manufactured”.

About 30 minutes later, Rune Østvik Nordli (Social […]

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Why media monitoring matters for storytelling

You probably have heard us or someone else say that it’s important that you listen to your customers – that you actively engage with them and monitor what people are saying about your brand.

Not long ago, I attended Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference – where I met some amazing people who I learned a lot from. […]

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Getting started with Facebook Business Manager

We assume you already have a Facebook profile, as well as a Facebook Page for your business. The first thing you might want to do, is to create a “Business Manager” account. Business Manager allows all your ad accounts, Pages and apps to be gathered in one place. You can also invite external people, such […]

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Crisis Management on Facebook

If you choose to be on social, you need to be social. That means you need to interact with your followers. Of course, it might happen that people write on your page, or send you a message. Sometimes this might be positive feedback, however – you can’t please all of the people all of the […]

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Using Facebook for recruitment

I have a friend in Germany who works as a HR-Marketing Online Specialist at PwC.

He started in that field of work 2010 – when the company were pioneering in the social recruitment field. Before 2010 – most of the businesses were using social media for marketing products only. Suddenly some businesses started to treat careers […]

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Traffic is a commodity

Getting people into your store used to be the marketer’s biggest challenge. Both in the physical and the digital world. There has always been a big race against reaching the most eyeballs and luring them inside. This challenge is gone in 2015. […]

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