About Takin Kroop

Takin is a Digital Consultant at the marketing agency Iteo. He was previously Senior Digital Marketer at Fanbooster. He is always updated on the current state of digital marketing, and holds talks and lectures around the subject. He has worked with some of Norway's finest brands.

Russel Brunson on landing pages and the importance of Facebook traffic

We are still rocking the Traffic and Conversion Summit, and we got the pleasure of meeting Russel Brunson. One of the legends in the traffic and conversion industry. He’s the founder of DotComSecrets and Clickfunnels, he also runs the highly popular PodCast “Marketing in your Car”. […]

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The Future of E-commerce is Media

We just kicked off day one of Traffic and Conversion Summit here in San Diego. Fanbooster is of course present and will be reporting as much as possible from the event. One of the main take-aways so far from the conference is the importance of owned media.

Especially in the e-commerce business, creating great content is getting […]

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A Guide to Facebook Video Marketing

Facebook has grown immensely as a platform and is now in 2nd place among the sites with the most traffic on the web. Just below, comes YouTube – the social video sharing platform.

Facebook is pushing on to be the leading provider of video this year, and advertisers have reported seeing an increase in reach when […]

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Facebook is forcing marketers to become better people – and we love it.

Facebook is rolling out changes to their algorithms when it comes to organic content posted by brands.
Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.
What does this mean to brands?
What this means, is that Facebook is no longer accepting content that is promotional in it’s tone or style for […]

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4 Things To Do To Improve Your Facebook Ads

Are you struggling to come out of an eternal loop of creating, deploying and testing stuff that doesn’t convert? Facebook is a powerful platform – and advertisements on Facebook is something that should be taken seriously. So first of all – great that you have realised this. But what’s the point of advertising if you […]

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Hvordan bruke Facebook for å skape gode kundeopplevelser

Det er ingen hemmelighet at det å ta vare på kundene dine er viktig for deg. Men enda viktigere er det blitt nå i 2015, da kundene dine har mulighet til å lufte misnøye med alle sine venner og kontakter på tvers av de digitale kanalene. Derfor er det enda viktigere nå, enn noensinne, at […]

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Polaris Media Invests in Fanbooster

Since we founded Fanbooster in 2010, we’ve been a leading Facebook and social media marketing company in Norway and the Nordics. In 2013 we merged with our friends at ‘Fennek & Friends’ to further strengthen our position. Today, we are the only Norwegian Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, represented in seven European markets, and with users […]

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1 million attendees on our customers’ advents calendars

Wow, that was an amazing Christmas! Our awesome customers had an all time high when it came to activity on their advent calendars. With over a million entries and 43% more unique users than last year, it’s safe to say that it was a good Christmas for everyone. […]

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How to get started with Cruise Control for Facebook Ads

It’s Christmas time, and I want to spend time with people who matter the most to me: my family. I really want to leave my computer back at the office so I can use the holidays to recharge. The only thing is that I’ve got Facebook ads campaigns running, and need to monitor how they’re doing. […]

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Interview with Martin Wettergren

At Stockholm Tech Fest, we had a chance to have a talk with Martin Wettergren, the co-founder of the mediacompany Mediapilot. See the interview below:


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