Thursday Marketing Tip – Mira Kahn, The Marketeers and Kreakid.no

Mira Kahn og Alexandra Bodd, Kreakid.no
Mira Kahn og Alexandra Bodd, Kreakid.no

Mira Kahn is the founder of The Marketeers and co-founder of Kreakid.no. Before she started these two companies she worked for Coop Norge, L´Oreal and Telia. She is passionate about marketing and hopes to make the world a little bit better with her work.

My Thursday marketing tip is to build a strong tribe around your brand – get to know your loyal customers, listen to them and make them feel part of your brand and your journey. It will give you important user information and a lot of WOM (word of mouth) from proud and involved customers. Be honest, be open and don´t bullshit. People will find out and they will not like it.

If you want to get a great introduction to Tribe building, read Seth Godins book “Tribes” and watch his Ted talks. I also recommend you to watch the Ted talk from Simon Sinek called: How great leaders inspire action. It is about so much more than leadership.