5 Super Simple Ways to Boost Your Facebook Advertising Conversion Rates

Looking to improve the conversion rate of your Facebook advertising campaigns?

Here are 5 things you can implement right now to give your campaigns a boost:

Andrew Hubbard is a digital marketer and Facebook advertising strategist.
Andrew Hubbard is a digital marketer and Facebook advertising strategist. He consults companies, and blogs at andrewhubbard.co

1. Leverage every opportunity you have to sell the benefits of your offering

One mistake I often see people make is failing to use every opportunity to convince people of the benefits of the product or service they are advertising.

Every Facebook ad has multiple different pieces of text that the advertiser can customize.

There is the headline, body text, link description, and display URL.

For a high converting ad, here are 2 tips for making full use of your ad copy:

  • Don’t repeat yourself in these different sections. If you have ‘50% discount, today only’ in your headline, don’t repeat that in your link description.
  • Use the display URL field to your advantage. Instead of leaving this field as ‘mywebsite.com’, enter something meaningful here. E.g. ‘Life-changing ad copy tips’.


2. Maintain Strong ‘Ad Scent’

Ad scent’ is the relationship between your ad and your landing page. Ensuring that your ad and landing page look similar and deliver a consistent message is a simple way to increase conversions.

People are much more likely to convert if the landing page delivers exactly what they were expecting when they clicked the ad. If the landing page looks & feels different, or contains a different message to the ad, it’s likely that a high percentage will leave without ever signing up or purchasing from you.

Here are a few ways to improve your ad scent:

  • Use a similar (or the same) image in your ad and on your landing page
  • Make the heading on your ad the same as the heading on your landing page
  • Use similar colors
  • Include your logo in your ad and on your landing page
  • Use similar copy and a similar hook/offer on both the ad and landing page
Nice example of POOR ad scent, for LOW Facebook advertising conversion rates.
Nice example of poor ad scent.

3. Be different

It’s easy to look at other ads on Facebook and create something similar. This is often a mistake because it makes you just like everyone else. That means you blend in, which is a bad thing for advertisements.

People develop what’s known as ‘banner blindness’ after seeing the same thing multiple times. That means that after seeing the same ad for a while, they start to subconsciously ignore it. Don’t fall into the trap of following the same design that everyone has been using for the last 6 months.

Create ads that stand out (in a good way) and you’ll have a much better chance of having your audience stop and click on your ad.

There are lots of ways to stand out, but the simplest ones for you to try right now are:

  • Avoid using large amounts of blue in your ad. It’s the same color as the rest of the Facebook UI and doesn’t stand out.
  • Use competitors for inspiration, but don’t use the same design. Maybe try combining elements from a few of your competitors different ad images.
  • Don’t be too corporate / formal. People tend to prefer real images of people over stock


4. Understand where people are in your funnel

You will always have a range of people who are at different points in your sales funnel. Some people will have never heard of you before, some will have read a few of your blog posts, and some will be raving fans.

You should talk to each of these groups differently and your offers should also be different for each of them.

Using the Facebook pixel allows you to create audiences based on the specific pages they have visited on your website. You can then target those audiences with highly relevant ads. Because the ads are more relevant to that specific audience, your conversion rate will generally be much higher.

For example:

Let’s say someone has read a blog post but hasn’t downloaded the content upgrade that’s associated with it. You can then retarget that person with ads promoting the content upgrade. You know that person is interested in the topic because they read your post. That makes them likely to also be interested in the upgrade / freebie.


5. Test using a clear strategy

Having a clear strategy for testing your Facebook ads is absolutely crucial if you want to consistently improve conversion rates.

There really isn’t a right or wrong way to do this. It’s more about finding a process that you are comfortable with and that allows you to accurately measure the results of your a/b tests.

As a general guide, you should only change one thing at a time when you’re testing.

For example, change the image, give it some time, and compare the results. Then when you have a winner you can test a third image etc. Once you find an image that is working well, then you can test different headlines with that image.

This ensures that you know what was responsible for any improvements in performance. If you change the image, headline, and body text all at once you will have no idea what impact each element had on the performance of your ads.


Go ahead and try these simple tweaks with your own campaigns. They are all easy to implement and will help you get more sign ups and sales.