Slik engasjerer du fans denne påsken

Slik engasjerer du fans denne påsken

Påsken oppstod som kjent da sjokolade selskapet Nidar lette etter en måte å få solgt all julemarsipanen til overs etter jul – til fullpris. Neida. Påsken er en høytid som ikke handler om at handelsstanden skal få solgt mer. Men det byr seg likevel noen muligheter til å engasjere fans […]

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New Facebook Page Design and The Return of the Facebook Tab App

You might have seen it. Facebook has changed the look of Facebook Pages. Again. Remember that beautiful time, long ago, when tab apps were linked from a left hand side menu? Yeah. Well, the menu’s back, and it’s great news! Also, the previous apps thumbnails, which displayed your three most prominent apps, have been moved from […]

Christmas cheer on Facebook

Branding a business on Facebook is extremely important because “everyone” is there, and it’s a great way to connect with your audience. Even though brands have had access to Facebook for years, there are still many who scratch their head and don’t know what to do there. I easily get irritated by brands on Facebook […]

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What is performance marketing – and how do I do it?

Advertisers and marketers are becoming more and more aware of verifiable consumer actions as part of their digital advertising. Historically, performance marketing defined advertising campaigns with the objective of driving specific actions, and advertisers only paid when that action was completed.

I think that the pay-for-performance business models will still remain, but in the future of […]

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Fanbooster Facebook tab apps – widget list

Fanbooster Creator is great for building Facebook tab apps. You know, the contests, Christmas calendars, sign up forms, etc. that you can put on your company Facebook Page. Here is a list of the most used widgets in the Fanbooster Creator and a few tips on how you can use them to engage people on Facebook.

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