Fanbooster Selected as Facebook Marketing Partner

We are proud to share that we are now officially a Facebook® Marketing Partner. Starting today, what was formerly known as the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer program is now the Facebook Marketing Partner program.

Facebook has also done some restructuring to the program, to facilitate how marketers find partners based on their specific needs. In our […]

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Facebook is forcing marketers to become better people – and we love it.

Facebook is rolling out changes to their algorithms when it comes to organic content posted by brands.
Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.
What does this mean to brands?
What this means, is that Facebook is no longer accepting content that is promotional in it’s tone or style for […]

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Facebook News Feed Update: No More Fishing For Clicks.

Facebook just updated their News Feed. According to Facebook, this update will help people find posts and links from publishers that are more interesting and relevant. And Facebook will weed out posts that are spammy and reported. With this update, there are two notable changes:
1) Facebook is becoming stricter on click-baiting headlines
These are the posts […]

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Facebook Platform Policy changes: Fan gates no more.

Today, Facebook released an updated Graph API as well as Platform Policy changes:
No more herding fans to your page.
What this means, is that you can no longer force people to like your page. With this, we are talking about offering rewards, or gating apps or content based on whether a person has liked a page or […]

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A new look for Facebook Ads

To start this blogpost, let’s take a look at the current ad format. Your ads consists of 4 parts. The top part is your brand or business name and logo. Then comes the message or text you posted along with the ad, before the visual asset is displayed. You also have the option to add […]

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What’s Facebook Audiencer Insights?

Yesterday Facebook made the new Audiencer Insights available that works with ads within Facebook. We are really excited about this new product, as it gives amazing opportunities for marketers to understand and reach their exact target group.
But what is Audiencer Insights?
It’s a tool to create audiences that you can use to reach exactly (and only) the […]

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A more stable and grown up Facebook

So I just watched the F8 keynote. F8 is Facebook’s yearly (from this year on) developer conference where they in the past launched the “like” button that we use daily, and the timeline we all know and love. To be honest, we expected huge things. We were ready. Live blogs, attendees in the conference hall […]

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