Super useful updates to all Page admins

Blacklist specific words: Automatically hide posts-, or get an alert whenever users post predefined words on your Facebook Page. Want to filter out posts with swearwords? Or is your brand struggling with bad publicity? Set up the blacklist to filter on words typical for this, so you’ll be notified whenever they’re posted.

Predefined answers to posts, […]

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Instagram updates your feed

In a recent release, Instagram announces that its feed algorithm will be updated to better reflect what you really care about seeing.

Why are they doing this?
Instagram reports that you currently miss on average more than 70% of your feed. Instagram has grown both in users, and in the amount of pictures and video posted by […]

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Fäcebook in Swedish – what’s it all about?

Hi, I’m Dag.

I’m the swedish sales director for Fanbooster. I’m responsible for making sure that our clients are getting the most out of their Facebook marketing by using Fanbooster, that they are up to date with all new features and functionality that is launched on a regular basis by Facebook and Fanbooster.

I’m the one who […]

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Facebook Updates Ad Formats in the Audience Network

In 2014, Facebook launched Audience Network – Facebook’s option to extend rich targeting to mobile apps. According to Facebook over 2 million advertisers are currently using the Audience Network for advertising.

— What’s the news? —
Today – Facebook is launching an expansion of ad formats and ad types that are available in the Audience Network. In Facebook’s own words:

// […]

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Traffic is a commodity

Getting people into your store used to be the marketer’s biggest challenge. Both in the physical and the digital world. There has always been a big race against reaching the most eyeballs and luring them inside. This challenge is gone in 2015. […]

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Fanbooster Selected as Facebook Marketing Partner

We are proud to share that we are now officially a Facebook® Marketing Partner. Starting today, what was formerly known as the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer program is now the Facebook Marketing Partner program.

Facebook has also done some restructuring to the program, to facilitate how marketers find partners based on their specific needs. In our […]

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A love letter

Last night Fanbooster won the most prestigious award in the social media industry in Norway: Social Media Agency of the Year! The people around us witnessed how surprised we were just being nominated, and that we actually won means the world to us! It could not have been done without you all, our friends, industry colleagues, […]

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Using Facebook to boost TV shows

For Season 5 of the reality show Alt for Norge (All for Norway – AFN), TVNorge launched a countrywide campaign to secure high ratings at the season premiere.

AFN has become one of TVNorge’s strongest brands with a large and dedicated following. The show is about Americans of Norwegian heritage who are challenged by various aspects […]

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Polaris Media Invests in Fanbooster

Since we founded Fanbooster in 2010, we’ve been a leading Facebook and social media marketing company in Norway and the Nordics. In 2013 we merged with our friends at ‘Fennek & Friends’ to further strengthen our position. Today, we are the only Norwegian Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, represented in seven European markets, and with users […]

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1 million attendees on our customers’ advents calendars

Wow, that was an amazing Christmas! Our awesome customers had an all time high when it came to activity on their advent calendars. With over a million entries and 43% more unique users than last year, it’s safe to say that it was a good Christmas for everyone. […]

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