Split Testing explained

Also called A/B testing, this is a way to optimize your marketing efforts.
It’s all about testing what works best, and testing it within an isolated environment.

A Facebook Ads-related example is creating two different posts on your company’s Facebook page, and sponsoring both with the exact same budget, at the exact same time, and targeted […]

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Bidding – what you need to know about bidding for Facebook Ads

When setting up ads, you’ll need to place a bid for the maximum amount you want to pay for your objective. How much is a click – at most – worth to you? Putting in a max bid doesn’t mean that you end up paying that amount, it’s the max amount that you can end […]

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CPM, CPC, and oCPM explained

These are various ways of bidding for Facebook Ads distribution, and you’ll use them depending on what your goal is.

CPM means Cost Per thousand (Mille), and is how much you want to pay to reach 1000 people on Facebook with your ads. We recommend CPM for engagement campaigns, and campaigns that are more about branding, […]

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Facebook Audiences – What they are, and how you can use them

1) What is a Facebook audience, and
2) How can you use it for ads.

1) A Facebook Audience is a defined group of Facebook users. You can create audiences based on stuff like age, gender, geography, relationship status, amount of kids, interests, likes. These are called target audiences.

You can also build audiences based on your […]

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The Digital Marketer in 2015

During our daily morning coffee routine Alex challenged me on what working as a Facebook marketer will be like next year. I love challenges, so here goes! […]

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Facebook Platform Policy changes: Fan gates no more.

Today, Facebook released an updated Graph API as well as Platform Policy changes:
No more herding fans to your page.
What this means, is that you can no longer force people to like your page. With this, we are talking about offering rewards, or gating apps or content based on whether a person has liked a page or […]

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It’s time to get serious – LinkedIn – the professional network

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. You can’t choose if you want a presence there or not. But the network is a very good tool for recruiting and to show of your product and service. So it’s time to get serious. […]

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Fanbooster Blog Report April’ 14

Finally time to share our blog stats for last month! April has been an amazing month for us – and we’re exited to share what we’ve learned. One of our key learnings for this month is that the more content you create, the better results you’ll get. This gave us over 200% more page views […]

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Facebook’s Audience Network – Great news from F8

Facebook just launched something really cool (kind of quietly). If you have any interest in digital marketing – you should take 3 minutes to read this blog post. It’s kind of a big deal, and I’ll keep it short.

This came out at today’s F8 conference in San Francisco. (We’re there, and you can read all […]

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Facebook updates the right-hand column ad design

Facebook announced that they are going to redesign how the ads in the right column appears. The new design will streamline how the ads look on Facebook. The ads will look the same if it’s in the newsfeed or if it’s in the right-hand column.

We think it’s a nice move, and Facebook reports that the […]

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