Fanbooster Blog Report April’ 14

Finally time to share our blog stats for last month! April has been an amazing month for us – and we’re exited to share what we’ve learned. One of our key learnings for this month is that the more content you create, the better results you’ll get. This gave us over 200% more page views […]

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Facebook’s Audience Network – Great news from F8

Facebook just launched something really cool (kind of quietly). If you have any interest in digital marketing – you should take 3 minutes to read this blog post. It’s kind of a big deal, and I’ll keep it short.

This came out at today’s F8 conference in San Francisco. (We’re there, and you can read all […]

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Facebook updates the right-hand column ad design

Facebook announced that they are going to redesign how the ads in the right column appears. The new design will streamline how the ads look on Facebook. The ads will look the same if it’s in the newsfeed or if it’s in the right-hand column.

We think it’s a nice move, and Facebook reports that the […]

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Fanbooster blog report March ’14

March just flew by, and boy, did we have a lot of fun! Well, here are the stats and learnings from our blog last month.

First of all, we’ve been working a lot on the functionality and looks of our blog. By using Crazyegg to see how people actually use, click and scroll through the blog […]

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Fanbooster blog report February ’14

We are all about sharing and have decided to share stats and learnings from our blog every month going forward. Our blog has two main goals: Building a closer relationship with our audience and customers, and generating leads. […]

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The oil and gas industry loves to talk, but doesn’t listen

Foto: Harald Pettersen – Statoil ASA

We are attending the EnerWe energy communication conference in Stavanger this week, where all the big communication directors in the oil, gas and energy industry are present. 175 people in total. We’ve been listening, and talking to, attendees and speakers all day and it’s a great event.


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Facebook is changing the way your Pages look

Facebook is an “always changing” platform. It has to be, to stay relevant and maintain growth, usage and to keep innovating. Last week Facebook announced a redesign of the news feed, and this week they just announced a redesign of business Pages.


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How to start Growth Hacking, and what does Growth Hacking mean?

When I studied marketing just a few years ago, John Wanamaker’s famous quote was still widely accepted. An inconvenient truth. I hated that. Maybe because I didn’t trust my own judgment enough to choose between different creative. But mostly because it felt like riding a bicycle blindfolded. Now, with the Big Data-revolution things have changed.

This isn’t a marketing revolution, though. More evolution. Smart marketers have been tracking marketing since the beginning of marketing, through coupons with serial numbers, infomercials with different phone numbers and in lots of other clever ways.


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Relax internet, Facebook is not a fraud

The last few days a video with the title “Facebook is a fraud” has gone viral. The famous YouTube’er that goes by the name Veritasium takes us through why using ads on Facebook gives the same result that buying likes from click-bots. We disagree and think that Veritasium simply don’t know how Facebook ads and Facebook marketing works. […]

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The reincarnation of Facebook apps

Not convinced you need Facebook apps? Well, let us give you some help: Of course you do. And we’re not saying that just because we have our (in all modesty) awesome Creator. Here’s why. […]

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