Inbox evolved for you

We are delighted to present to you the evolved Inbox and its new features – Drafts, Reviews and Scheduled responses – 3 steps to better structure your social communication.

You’ve already seen them in the Inbox menu: My drafts, Scheduled, To review, My reviews and Team reviews. The new additions give you broader tools, ease your efforts and […]

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Helautomatisk annonsering

Har du mange produkter eller artikler som til stadighet skal eller bør publiseres i sosiale medier? Bruker du ofte tid på å lage de samme annonsene? Da har vi en løsning.

Vi lanserer en helt ny måte å automatisk produsere og publisere annonser basert på en produkt-feed, for å drive nye målgrupper til nettsiden din. Slik […]

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Utfordrende å publisere til mange sider? Vi lanserer Publisher Team!

Vi lanserer nå en ny løsning – Publisher Team. Denne er laget for deg som jobber i en stor kjede eller en kjede i vekst. Løsningen gjør det enkelt å skape struktur for hele kjedens markedsføring på sosiale medier.


Publisering og markedsføring

Her kan roller fordeles enkelt og det er lett å ha kontroll på flere sider. […]

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March will be blooming and blossoming with Inbox brand-new features 🌷

You know the saying: ‘Great minds think alike’. We can extend this to ‘Sometimes great teammates act alike in the Inbox module’ – and this might lead to some bumps. And by bumps, we mean that in the past it has happened for two or more team members to type and post response simultaneously on […]

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Welcome to Inbox 2.0

As one of our teammates once said, “Inbox for Facebook Page Management helps you focus on dialogue with your target audience. The haters, spammers and trolls shouldn’t be taking up your time, and shouldn’t be allowed to ruin the conversations between you and your target audience”. We took this statement very seriously and the time […]

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Fanbooster Feed Ads

At Fanbooster we value your precious time! We are quite aware that you invest plenty of it in your social media marketing campaigns and we are here to help you optimize the process.
Our team is extremely happy to present to you our latest update called
“Feed Ads”
The Fanbooster team is working around the clock in […]

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Få full kontroll på både innlegg og kommentarer på Instagram

Det er ingen tvil om at også på Instagram er det økt fokus på rekkevidde. Spesielt siden den organiske rekkevidden daler. Godt innhold har aldri før vært så viktig som nå. Skal man lykkes her må man legge ned timene og satse på optimalisert innhold og rydde plass i budsjettet for betalt annonsering. Ved hjelp […]

Schedule and Publish Instagram posts from Fanbooster

YES! This is finally happening! For a really long time, marketeers have been wanting for a solution to organize their posts to Instagram.

We are very happy to announce that a big pain in the butt for marketeers now is history.

On 30th January 2018, Facebook announced the biggest Instagram API update so far, only available […]

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Fanbooster Ads – Huge upgrade

We just launched the biggest update to our Facebook and Instagram Ads module, since it was first launched. The goal is to keep is as simple and smooth as possible, yet super powerful.

We are improving the ads module in Fanbooster to give more flexibility in both the creating and publishing of ads. The biggest changes are new objectives available, […]

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Fanbooster Restructure (ENG)

Prefer the Norwegian version? Read it here.

Fanbooster’s big restructure project is just a few days away from launch! We’ve rebuilt the foundation for Fanbooster. The goal: to make user administration and access more intuitive and logical. This is something you – the users – have given us a lot of constructive feedback on, so now […]

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