Frp og Høyre tar overlegen seier på Facebook

Mange hevder at dette blir det første ”Facebook-valget”. Spørsmålet er om partienes aktiviteter på Facebook kan si oss noe om hvordan fasiten vil se ut 12. september?

Tallene nedenfor er innhentet av Fanboosters verktøy Compare. Dette er åpne data fra Facebook, hvilket betyr at rekkevidde ikke er kjent, heller ikke i hvilken grad partiene har betalt […]

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Facebook campaign tracking with Google Analytics

Fanbooster guest blogger Katrine Skodven Johannessen shares her beginners’ guide to tracking Facebook campaigns with Google Analytics and UTM tags.
Do you run Facebook ads without tracking the campaigns in Google Analytics? You could be missing out on a lot of really helpful information. By tracking an activity/campaign on Facebook you can follow the users’ actions all the […]

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How we will make social media marketing data-driven

We recently told the world about our new €2M data-driven social media marketing project. We have teamed up with Komplett.no, one of the biggest e-commerce sites in Norway with a €203M yearly revenue, and want to do a real effort to go from thinking to knowing how social media marketing works.

Many have asked us about […]

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The mighty roar of the World Cup fans in social media

I am not much of a club-football fan (or soccer to you Americans), but I do love watching the World Cup and the European Cup! This year, I followed the games even more intensely. I wanted to see what people were talking about in Social Media. I set up all the teams’ Facebook-pages in our […]

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What marketeers tend to forget

There is a lot of talk about the value of social media. Not only what value is, but how to measure it. Experts, bloggers, analysts and random people with a Twitter account seem to jump into the ROI discussion with their opinions and formulas. How much is a like worth? What’s the value of a […]

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5 ways Facebook statistics can save you time

We all want to save time. And most marketers use Facebook. But do you know  Facebook statistics can save you time? Here are 5 ways Facebook statistics can be used for all. […]

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Facebook clicks: Mobile vs desktop

We all know mobile is booming. Even grandparents use smart phones to read papers, take pictures of their grandkids and play sudoku. We know we use smartphones to check our Facebook feed. But how many clicks on links are there on mobile vs desktop?
Clicks on Facebook links

Based on statistics from fb.st we are able to […]

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