Fäcebook in Swedish – what’s it all about?

Hi, I’m Dag.

I’m the swedish sales director for Fanbooster. I’m responsible for making sure that our clients are getting the most out of their Facebook marketing by using Fanbooster, that they are up to date with all new features and functionality that is launched on a regular basis by Facebook and Fanbooster.

I’m the one who […]

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Polaris Media Invests in Fanbooster

Since we founded Fanbooster in 2010, we’ve been a leading Facebook and social media marketing company in Norway and the Nordics. In 2013 we merged with our friends at ‘Fennek & Friends’ to further strengthen our position. Today, we are the only Norwegian Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, represented in seven European markets, and with users […]

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The mighty roar of the World Cup fans in social media

I am not much of a club-football fan (or soccer to you Americans), but I do love watching the World Cup and the European Cup! This year, I followed the games even more intensely. I wanted to see what people were talking about in Social Media. I set up all the teams’ Facebook-pages in our […]

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A headline will give you the click, but not the share

Jimmy Soni from Huffington Post shares how they work with headlines, and making things go viral.

One of he’s main points, and an extremely important one, is that a headline may give you the click to your site but may not give you the share. Huffington Post wants two clicks for every visit. The click on […]

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Do good and be creative – the case of creativity

James Hurman took the stage at Gulltaggen and shared his newest insights from his book and project “The Case of Creativity” where he looks at award winning creative work, and combine it with actual data of how much value (money/effect) it actually had.

The short answer is yes. Creative campaigns gives better results.

But, he also shared […]

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How to write a story worth sharing

Emma Coats just gave an inspiring talk at Gulltaggen. She is the women behind the famous list “Pixar’s 22 rules of Storytelling”. She told us how to create a good story – and what basics need to be a building block to your brand identity.

What’s a story?
A story is a character that wants something and […]

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How to market on Twitter #MarketingMoments

Josh Grau took the stage at Gulltaggen to inspire marketers to use Twitter in a better way. It’s exciting to see how Twitter is getting better at describing themselves.

Twitter is the pulse of the planet, and what interests you most. Twitter is for life in the moment. And over 50% says that Twitter gives them […]

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Let your audience be your voice

What’s the number one mistake most brands do in social media? They just want to talk about themselves and topics they care about. That turns out to not be the best way to create a community around your brand. […]

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