Hvorfor skal du bruke Fanbooster?

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Når Facebook Business Manager finnes, hvorfor skal du da bruke Fanbooster? Fanbooster er et verktøy hvor du blant annet kan planlegge poster og ads, men har mange tilleggstjenester som forenkler jobben med Facebook.

En av våre styrker som gjør at vi skiller oss ut er at vi har tilgjengelig rådgivere. De er til […]

Work better together

Collaboration with posting, whether it’s supposed to be an organic post or an ad, is often necessary for teams. For instance big organisations that want their followers to get more familiar with what they’re doing in the different branches. And that without having the communication or marketing division doing all the work. So giving many […]

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Fanbooster Help

We’re proud to present the people behind the Fanbooster Customer success team. You might already know them, so what’s new?
We’ve stepped up the focus on making material that helps you succeed. Both here (in beta), and on this very blog.
And it’s a more proactive way of looking at our interaction with you – the Fanbooster users. […]

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6 Tips for killing it on Instagram. (Not your average social media blog post)

If you hate bunnies, and just want to hear the Instagram tips – hop (pun intended) down to third paragraph.

Hi! My name is Chantal and I am a digital designer/creative working at OBM, the Dutch department of Fanbooster. For two years, my house has been enlightened/destroyed by two bunnies; Bilbo and Ragnar. Bilbo and Ragnar […]

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5 ways not to break the Facebook rules, and drive away your customers.

I’ve been a bit frustrated lately, because I see some really cool and great brands making huge mistakes on Facebook. Here are my Top 5 Tips for not to break the Facebook rules, and anger your followers (and me).

Updated 14.02.17

1. It’s not allowed to use sharing a post or tagging people as a part of a competition. -You […]

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Meet Sjur

Sjur Grønningsæter is Fanbooster’s new Product Manager, and he will lead everything relating to the development and maintenance of the Fanbooster platform. He’ll be talking to clients and coordinating between our development teams in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Oslo, Norway.

If in doubt, Sjur is pronounced similarly to the English word sure. Which is fitting, as this […]

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Dag Bengtson

As a part of our “get to know the team” posts we had a chat with our Sales Director in Sweden last week. A cool dude who’s always on the phone, and always in a good mood!

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David Reuterdal

We would like you to meet David, a part of the awesome sales team in Oslo. We had a quick chat with him to let you all get to know him a little better! See all our team posts here. […]

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Rosen Simov

Name: Rosen Simov
Age: 26
Location: Sofia Valley, Bulgaria
Role in Fanbooster: Chief Technical Officer Fanbooster Platform […]

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Olav Eggum

Today we had a little chat with the man who’s responsible for  all the wonderful people behind Fanbooster being in Fanbooster. Olav, the founder and “old man” of Fanbooster is a man almost everyone that works, uses and knows Fanbooster have a relationship to. He’s always smiling, inspiring and sharing his ideas and visions with us all . It’s about time you got to meet Olav as well. […]

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