Thursday Marketing Tip – Victoria Foster, Trendwatching.com

Victoria Foster heads TrendWatching.com’s international trend spotter community, tw.in.

-My tip is a collection of newsletters I receive daily which are a constant source of inspiration, motivation and give me a daily (or weekly) kick-up the butt.

First up is the community newsletter from Loyal.is. This company is all about helping brands create meaningful and useful communities, […]

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Thursday Tip – Michael Eriksson, Helly Hansen

Michael Eriksson, former Social Media Guru at Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games, now Social Media Manager at Helly Hansen, shares his Thursday Marketing Tip. He loves podcasts and “Under the influence” with Terry O’Reilly is his favorite marketing podcast.

– Under the Influence has a great storytelling touch, using a broad range of case studies, some even […]

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Thursday Tip – Dennis Yu, Blitzmetrics

Thursday tip: Dennis Yu – Facebook expert, CTO at BlitzMetrics and guru at Adweek shares the following tip:

-Spend a dollar a day to boost posts. That way the algorithm does the heavy lifting and learning for you. Also – spend $10 to test each organic post. Do it especially with video!

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Thursday Tip – Alexander Grimstad, Fanbooster

Alexander Grimstad is Fanbooster’s VP of Marketing. His favorite podcast right now is the venture capital firm Andreezen Horowitz’ podcast a16z.

-These guys have invested in Facebook, AirBnB, BuzzFeed, Instagram, Oculus VR, Twitter, and Skype, so they know what they’re talking about. The topics covered are mainly within startups, tech, marketing and sales. The discussions are […]

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Thursday Tip – Sindre Holme, Starcom

Sindre Holme, Creative Director (and judging by the the manipulated picture on the left here clearly not a designer!) at Starcom Norway recommends “Sapiens – a brief history of human kind” by Yuval Noah Harari.”

-It’s a completely mindblowing piece where he explains how our race has developed the last 70 000 years. It might not […]

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Instagram changes – what it means for developers

On June 1st Instagram implemented a new platform policy for all 3rd party developers who use Instagram content in their tools and services. This includes us, Fanbooster. So what are the Instagram changes? Instagram wants more control over how other apps and services use their platform. Naturally, they want to ensure their ecosystem has high quality […]

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Inspiration: NPO Radio 4

Our customers do a lot of cool stuff. NPO Radio 4 is one of the biggest radio stations in Holland. And they wanted people to be aware of how important it is that kids learn about music and how to play instruments.

This campaign is built up in 3 phases and 3 different Fanbooster landing pages:

1. Posting videos […]

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6 Tips for killing it on Instagram. (Not your average social media blog post)

If you hate bunnies, and just want to hear the Instagram tips – hop (pun intended) down to third paragraph.

Hi! My name is Chantal and I am a digital designer/creative working at OBM, the Dutch department of Fanbooster. For two years, my house has been enlightened/destroyed by two bunnies; Bilbo and Ragnar. Bilbo and Ragnar […]

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5 ways not to break the Facebook rules, and drive away your customers.

I’ve been a bit frustrated lately, because I see some really cool and great brands making huge mistakes on Facebook. Here are my Top 5 Tips for not to break the Facebook rules, and anger your followers (and me).

Updated 14.02.17

1. It’s not allowed to use sharing a post or tagging people as a part of a competition. -You […]

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Working with Content Marketing in 2016

We’re at Content Marketing Performance conference in Oslo today, hearing great speakers such as Kristjan Mar Hauksson from SMFB Engine and Nina Hariede Larsen from DNB.

The main takeaway from this day is that content marketing is something you can’t ignore – but you have to choose how you want to work with it.

When starting to promote your […]

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