Facebook F8 2016 – what you need to know

Did you miss this week’s annual Facebook developer conference F8? Not to worry. Here are four of the highlights:
According to Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote, more than 60 billion messages are sent through Messenger and Whatsapp every day. No, we didn’t mix an M with a B there. 60 billion! Messenger alone has close to 1 billion monthly users.  Messenger […]

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Tired of Trolls?

Social media was once a mystical place. A place where we tiptoed around and made friends with everyone we met. We retweeted, liked and heart’ed. And all was swell.

But as always, trolls came and ruined the fairytale. In this fairytale internet trolls. As desribed on Wikipedia, an internet troll is a person who “sows […]

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How “Dislike” button data could change Facebook marketing forever

VentureBeat just published a nice summary of the what the new Facebook dislike button really is. Facebook’s own words: here. Most notable: it’s called “Reactions”, and it’s not a dislike button, but a set of native emojis. That’s well good for people on Facebook, but for advertisers life might never be the same again.

We talk a lot […]

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Sthlm TechFest

Dag Bengtson from our Stockholm office and myself attended Stockholm TechFest last Wednesday. It was a blast! “Welcome to the Unicorn Factory” I read on a huge banner while walking into the event. That was so cool, I wish Norway could be more bold like that. Dag and I manned the Fanbooster booth, and we […]

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