Christmas cheer on Facebook

Branding a business on Facebook is extremely important because “everyone” is there, and it’s a great way to connect with your audience. Even though brands have had access to Facebook for years, there are still many who scratch their head and don’t know what to do there. I easily get irritated by brands on Facebook who don’t know how to treat their audience well. And getting this right will now be the focus for a series of blogpost. My last post was about customer service, and this one will be about christmas calendars.

Do it the right way

Here are my best tips to make the best calendars and how to use the collected data the best way possible.

Last year 1 million users on Facebook attended our customers advents calendars. It’s not too early to start your planning of your advent and Christmas activities on Facebook right. I highly encourage to do it now. First, figure out your target group, your goal with the calendars, find good and easy questions, spend time and money on good design, and spend time and money on doing good ads-set about your calendars. Then you can figure out what to do with all the emails collected.

You can import all the emails and upload them to a Facebook Custom Audience via our Audiencer. When the list is uploaded you have the possibility to target them with ads. The best thing about this is that you know exactly who is seeing your ads.

You can add the emails to your mailing list. Emails are still a very powerful way to reach your customers, you may use it to drive traffic to your site or to engage them once again. Want to know more about our advent calendars? Read about it here

Calendars done right

Moods of Norway, one of Norway’s biggest clothing retailers did a remarkable christmas calendar last year. They got over 10.000 pre-registered and over 116.000 participants all together. Since the possibility to register several times the number of unique participants is something lower. In their advent calendar you could win prizes everyday from their clothing line, as well as getting a discount coupon everyday to use in store after signup. They hardly used any cash on ads because the calendar had an amazingly good organic reach.  

julekalender - forhåndsregistreringjulekalender 1

The traveling agency Ticket had a very successful advent calendar last year. They had travel prizes every day and the main prize was a gift card worth 1000 Euros. Over 2.500 had pre-registered to the calendar, and it generated over 76.000 emails all together. I bet they had a lot of fun doing their ads after this. Talk about all the remarketing possibilities and lookalikes audiences they could find by collecting all of these emails.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.24.25 (1)
If you want to do an advent calendar, you should start planning it now. Send an email at hello@fanbooster.com or click here to fill in our contact form, if you want to know more on how to do awesome calendars and competitions.