Content creation tips, by Ida Serneberg, Nordic Choice Hotels

Ida Serneberg, Nordic Choice Hotels on content creation
Ida Serneberg, Nordic Choice Hotels on content creation

Ida Serneberg is the Social Media Manager at Nordic Choice Hotels and works with content strategy. On Fanbooster Day, November 2, she will talk about the importance of values and brand in social media marketing. See entire program and buy tickets here. Her Thursday Marketing Tip is about content creation.

-When creating content, research is 80 % and execution is just 20 %. Spend time and coffee with colleagues outside your own department. Always look for good stories: ask questions, find new angles on old topics. Try to investigate the values of your company or your brand – both the values that your brand claims to be its values, and the values that your brand actually manifests in action.

In addition to identifying your key topics that you want to create content about, you should identify to whom you want to connect and relate. Are there any other brands that share your values? Share their content and talk about them too!

Plans are important, but being pragmatic is crucial. In your content team, you may share a calendar where you plan your upcoming content and you should make room for the unplanned and the unforeseen. Your value and identity guide will determine which unplanned content that could be part of your content mix.

It is a no brainer, but analyzing and measuring your content is crucial. Remember to measure time spent in creating a piece of content. The best pieces are not necessarily the ones with the most effort.