As a part of our “get to know the team” posts we had a chat with our Sales Director in Sweden last week. A cool dude who’s always on the phone, and always in a good mood!

Name: Dag Bengtson
Age: 37
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Role in Fanbooster?
Sales Director Sweden

What do you actually do at Fanbooster?
I’m taking care of our existing clients here in Sweden, as well as spreading the word about Fanbooster to the non enlightened ones.

Favorite social brand?
Patagonia, they have a very visual way of communicating, and they do it in a beautiful and inspiring way.

How did you end up at Fanbooster?
I got introduced to Fanbooster through an ex colleague at Facebook. Then I met Erik Eggum for the first time in Stockholm November 2010. He introduced me to Fanbooster and I pretty much started right after that.

First real job?
Doing deliveries at my uncles hardware store during the summers as a teenager. Still the best job I ever had.

What do you think will impact the industry the most in the coming years, and how should businesses relate to it?
Data and insights that are becoming increasingly easy to access. There’ still a big gap between how companies use the information that is right in front of them, and how it could and should be used to improve results. For any KPI.

Favorite song?

Tell us about your first meeting with “The Eggum’s”?
I was a Fanbooster freshman, and I had only worked for them for about a month. Then I got invited to join them for a traditional Christmas Dinner in Kongsberg, and that’s when I met the whole family for the first time. I got a really warm welcome. And a lot of Gammel Opland Aquavit…

Favorite movie?
Any Given Sunday by Oliver Stone

Favorite quote?
“It needs to rain before anything can start to grow.”

What are your thoughts about Norwegians?
As a Swede working for a Norwegian company, I should probably keep that to myself 😉

Funniest customer story?
Mine are probably more happy than funny. But it’s always a special feeling when you can see that a client has done something great with Fanbooster. And when you get the feedback that the client is very happy with the results. I love those stories. And I have quite a few of them.

What’s the best thing in the world?
My family and watching our kids grow up.