David Reuterdal

We would like you to meet David, a part of the awesome sales team in Oslo. We had a quick chat with him to let you all get to know him a little better! See all our team posts here.

Name: David Reuterdal
Age: 27
Location: Oslo

Role in Fanbooster?
Sales representative

What you actually do at Fanbooster? I get in contact with people who are interested in our super cool Fanbooster platform. Show them all the amazing possibilities and the features Fanbooster provides.

I love to travel, see the world and its different people and cultures. Beside traveling all sports are welcome, and especially everything with a little kick to it like skydiving, climbing, bungee jumping and fast cars 🙂

Favorite social brand? Instagram. I love the visual diary and how you can make a story out of others pictures. A picture says more than a thousand words.

How did you end up in Fanbooster?
While i was studying I came across a lecturer that spoke about the social media buzz, and I got really interested. I looked it up and came across Fanbooster. I really liked what the guys did there and decided to ask for a job. Thats how I ended up here 🙂

First real job?
Newspaper delivery for Nordpost. That job gave me my first sense of responsibility and taught me the value and the hard work behind a paycheck.

What do you think will impact the industry the most in the coming years, and how should businesses relate to it?
What I think will affect the industry in the coming years is the rapid development of technology. Good user interface is a key factor to differentiate you from the others. Whats the point with new technology if no one can use it, right?

Favorite song?

Tell us about your first meeting with “The Eggum’s”?
My first meeting with the Eggums was great. We met at the old Oslo office in Nedre Slottsgate. My first impression was (and still is) that they were very polite, friendly and last but not least a hard working family that are keenly good at what they do. Outside the office they are really funny and social. I have already learned from the guys that if i’m going to have a shot of Aquavit it has to be Gammel Opland.

Favorite movie?

Favorite quote?
You don’t see the world as it is, but as you self are.

Funniest customer story?
It seemed like my longest meeting ever. It stretched for over 1 hour and the woman almost didn’t say a word the entire time. When I was wrapping up she asked: when can I start?

What’s the best thing in the world?
My family without a doubt. They bring me joy, comfort, new learnings, happiness and stability.