The Importance of Company Culture + How To Share Your Employer Branding on Social Media

Employer Brand Strategy
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On your social channels, you can share more than company news and updates—you can give your followers a sense of what it’s like to work at your company. This task becomes easier if you have an exceptional company culture

Take the time to think about your corporate brand and how you want that to reflect in your culture with an employer branding strategy. After you’ve pinned down what you want your culture to look like, you’ll have a multitude of content ideas to post for social media marketing

Read on to learn how to craft and share your employer brand strategy, including:

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The Importance of Company Culture

A company’s culture says a lot about its business and how much it cares. If employees are happy to work for your company, then clients, customers, and job candidates get a better sense of your company values and brand quality. 

A company’s employer brand matters for several reasons because it:

  • Humanizes and personalizes your brand
  • Builds your company’s reputation
  • Fosters pride in your staff
  • Shows you care about your employees, appealing to potential customers and clients
  • Helps you prove you’re a credible employer to job seekers
  • Provides a more authentic way to share company successes, by featuring the employees behind the project
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Happy Employees Leads to More Success

Not only does fostering a positive culture improve your employee well-being, but it’s better for business too. An Oxford study shows that happier employees are 13% more productive. Plus, it can lead to lower turnover rates, which saves money.

Customers also appreciate companies who value their employees. This is especially true if businesses take care of their employees during turbulent times.

Social Media Recruitment Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for your recruitment advertising

Your human resources or recruitment team can use social media for talent acquisition. If your marketing team shares your employer branding efforts on social media, you can get a leg up on the fierce competition for talent

Employee value proposition (EVP) asks what’s in it for the employee. Why do they want to come work for your company? Many employees aren’t just looking for more money — they want opportunities at their job. 

So, suppose your social media activities show why your company is a great place to work by highlighting employee achievements or how your company helps its employees get ahead. In that case, it can show potential candidates why they should submit an application.

How To Foster Your Company Culture

The first step in creating your employer brand strategy is to define your company culture. There are a few ways to do this. You can gather ideas starting with your:

  • Mission statement
  • Brand promise
  • Core values

If you don’t have some of these documents, now’s the time to create them so you can define what’s essential to your company and culture. 

And don’t forget the most vital part of creating an employee culture: the employees. Make sure to ask your employees what they want. Employee engagement can help you learn what individual employees want, and it will make sure they’re happy with the culture at work. 

Once you know your values and your employees’ needs, you can start developing the best environment for your business. For example:

Zappos is a compelling example of a company that intertwined its core values with its culture. By prioritizing customer experience, then-CEO Tony Hsieh told Harvard Business Review that the company couldn’t achieve that unless its employees were genuinely happy at work. 

Zappos takes employee culture so seriously it has its own Twitter account, @ZapposCulture, where it shares employee moments and insights.

Employer Brand Strategy Ideas for Social Media

Once you define your company culture’s foundation, start thinking of employer branding ideas and how they can translate to social media content. 

Remember to use a specific social media strategy for each different channel. For example, if your employee delivered a successful presentation at an industry conference, try posting the video on LinkedIn. “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” could make for a better Instagram post. 

When you’re planning your employer brand strategy for social media, always create highly visual content with photos, videos, or graphics. And don’t forget the hashtags. Popular culture-specific hashtags include #companyculture or #teambuilding.

Here are some other ideas for social media employee branding posts:

  • Use employee-generated content for authenticity
  • Interview employees, such as new hires, department heads, or team members
  • Share employee testimonials
  • Show off unique employee perks and benefits
  • Give behind-the-scenes looks
  • Showcase company events
  • Celebrate promotions and anniversaries
  • Give shoutouts to the employees behind innovative ideas
  • Share your company story and how your employees are a part of it
  • Highlight employee accomplishments
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Final Thoughts: How To Share Your Employer Brand Strategy on Social Media

Sharing your employer branding on social media highlights the positive aspects of your company. It helps with your company image and recruiting, and it empowers potential clients and customers to get a better sense of your company.

Employer brand management starts with the company mission and core drivers and what you want your company culture to be. Then you can use your social media efforts to showcase why you’re a powerful employer and how that makes you a stronger company. 

Combining social media and corporate culture with an effective employer brand strategy helps your business succeed. 

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Employer Brand Strategy

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