Managing ads on Facebook can be terribly time consuming. Especially if you wanna get it right. To ensure you’re spending your money right, and not spamming your target audiences you need to monitor your ads closely. A while back, I got so tired of spending evenings, weekends and holidays on this, that I challenged our techies to help automate these things.

What they came up with has made my workday so much more efficient (and my spare time actual spare time). On big campaigns I used to check in and adjust ads several times per day. On small-to-medium size campaigns, I checked in daily to monitor.

Now, we’re giving you access to Cruise Control (a pretty accurate name if you ask me).
Our cruise control settings save you from checking your campaigns daily, in the weekends and holidays. If an ad performs poorly, we automatically pause it for you. If an ad is being shown too many times to your audience, we pause it for you. And if you prefer a notification whenever your ads perform strangely, we’ll give you that too.


It’s designed to add a layer of semi-intelligence to your Facebook-ads. Normally, with Facebook Ads, the way to ensure the best results is to constantly monitor and adjust the ads, so that you get the most value (clicks, views, conversions, and so on) for your ads budget. Done right you’ll get huge value from this, but it’s also really time consuming. With Fanbooster Cruise Control you’ll get that value, but without the time spent.

It works for me, so why shouldn’t it for you?
Reach out to us today to see how you can set it up.