Fanbooster Rebranded

Over the last 10 years, Fanbooster has been growing while helping you expand your business. Our goal has always been to create a useful, effective, and easy-to-use platform for our customers. We have aimed to give you the best product possible to advance your Brands. Since the beginning, thousands of marketing professionals have become part of the platform and together, we have transformed Fanbooster to the addictive, powerful and complete tool to manage your social media presence.

Today we are launching Fanbooster’s new brand identity. The decision for the change has been taken with the understanding that we’ve outgrown the initial exciting period of development. And we have reached the next phase. A more advanced and mature platform and company as a whole.

The search for Fanbooster’s new visual identity was a long but fulfilling journey. We didn’t aim for change for the sake of change. We were in search of a consistent way to represent the diverse functionality and usability of the Platform.

The place where automation, collaboration, community, and campaign management live together needed a unified look.

The logo

The previous logo served us well for a decade. In the past 10 years, we’ve matured and we’ve got a better understanding of our ever-evolving customers’ needs. The more we’ve expanded together with the growth of our users, the more we’ve started to recognize that we’ve changed. And we need to express this transformation.

Having all this in mind we were able to define what we need to keep and what we need to leave in the past. And here it is. Fanbooster new logo – clear, efficient, recognizable, memorable. The desirable one that communicates our development revolution.


The new logo represents what Fanbooster does in a good way.
It was very important for us to signify the feeling of “trust” when seeing our brand.
And by trust we mean, not only the trust to deliver but also our solid knowledge and the service that we offer. One of the aspects that make us stand out in the market is the Fanbooster tool combined with the service we provide in terms of guidance and support.

The short logo

For a decade a short version of the logo was the missing part of our brand identity. A distinctive and recognizable symbol. Searching for such naturally came up the idea that the short logo needs to embrace one of Fanbooster’s most liked and wanted functionalities – the URL shortener. Then we’ve taken the square element from the long version and Voila! We’ve got the ideal symbol that also allowed us to use the color palette we’ve chosen and to adapt it to different purposes.

The Website

Together with the logo, we’ve started working on Fanbooster’s new website. No doubts that we absolutely need a new one.
Having the new logo as a starting point, the new website needed to reflect the logo’s idea.
The design team created a color palette for the different features that bonds and represents them in a consistent way. The connecting elements were essential and mandatory to speak of Fanbooster as a complete platform with different features that simplify marketing professionals’ efforts.




The aim was to present Fanbooster’s components in a simple, uniform and structured way.

The old webpage was turning to be outdated and it was clear that building a new one from scratch will be better than trying to ‘refurbish’ what we had.

What you see when you land on the new Fanbooster.com is a homepage where the main features of the platform are described in brief.
In the features section, each important aspect is introduced with its specifics. This way you get a sense of cohesion when you browse between different sections. We have grouped and presented features not by the module but in a more broad and summarized way. Now you know that automation and collaboration are present in multiple parts of the platform.

The Platform

The new color palette is already part of the Fanbooster platform itself. The classic blue Fanbooster color is replaced by a refreshing green. When you log in, you will see the new look all around the platform we have changed graphics, tables, buttons and all. For everyone that loves traditions, the blue theme is still available for choosing in your account settings.

We are changing the looks, but we are keeping the system flows as you know them, because even if we rebrand, you don’t have to re-learn how to use the platform. You will see our new identity all around the platform, social channels, advertisements and etc.
We are still the social marketing platform that eases your work. And this will always be our mission and focus. Now, we are visually more clear, efficient, recognizable, memorable.

Click around, enjoy and tell us what you think.