Did you know that you can track people and their actions on your website using the Facebook pixel, even if that person isn’t logged into Facebook? Let me tell you more about that and more from Facebook’s “Decoded London: To Developers. By Developers” which I attended the week before last.

People came from all over UK and Europe to attend the event. Some even flew in from the US, including speakers. As usual the event kicked off at midday, so for me it was a one day trip.

After a warm welcome with great welcome food and drinks, as always – I still can’t forget those amazing “made in front of me” taco’s at F8 in California! – we pushed straight to business. Already in the first session, titled Foundation of Facebook marketing, Facebook told us about – yes, you guessed it – the hidden powers of the Facebook pixel.


How it works

Rosen Simov gives you tips on the Facebook pixel

You’ve probably heard about the pixel, and hopefully you are already using it – if not, you should start as soon as possible!

And now I want to share some of the advanced tip: You could boost the % of matching customers with a simple trick, even if your visitors are logged in your website but not on Facebook.

When you have set up the pixel right then the pixel can pick up customer identifiers such as email, phone number that you collect from your website. The pixel can pick up the information during the check-out, account sign-in or registration process, and even when signing on to your newsletter. As long as you have set up the pixel so it can identify the information as an email and/or phone number, it transmits it to Facebook to find and match it to a Facebook-profile.

The presenter on stage claimed that brands have seen up to 20% increase of audience matches by just doing this. That’s a good number!


Better insights

The event continued with useful tech-nerd tips and tricks of how to process the data from the Facebook APIs in order for this to be optimal, efficient, while delivering up-to-date insights at all times. It also featured engineers from the Menlo Park office delivering a sneak peak preview of awesome, fresh-out-of-the-code-oven Marketing APIs.

What can be said now is that Facebook will soon enable possibilities that will help marketers better understand what works and what not. Which will save you money while delivering the best content to the right people at the best price on the Internet. We at Fanbooster can’t wait to test, understand and utilize those APIs and bring value for all of you, dear fellow marketeers. More info to come in the near future.

That was my quick report. I will definitely continue to visit similar events in the future and share my experience with you. Please contact us if you want to hear more about our platform and how we can help you :)