It’s Christmas time, and I want to spend time with people who matter the most to me: my family. I really want to leave my computer back at the office so I can use the holidays to recharge. The only thing is that I’ve got Facebook ads campaigns running, and need to monitor how they’re doing. Or do I, now?

No, I don’t. Not any more. We introduced ‘Cruise Control’ earlier this month. Something my little brother, my mom and dad will be really happy about. In short: Cruise Control is your personal ads assistant. You can tell it to pause ads, and notify you, using ‘if-this-then-that’ statements. This is how you get started with Cruise Control:

If you are an agency, the first thing you might want to do, is to make sure you’re using the correct ad-account. Keep your head cool – you don’t want to charge customer x for customer y’s ads.

Delaying ads is often a good idea

Make sure the state is active before setting the delay. If you’re not working with ‘hidden posts’ you might want to leave your advertised posts to live organically for a while. And remember that it might take some time before an ads campaign delivers any real results. So ideally you would set the delay so that the cruise control kicks in 2 hours, or even a day, after the post was published and ads started running. With Cruise Control you can let your post live organically and gather organic engagement, before pushing it as an ad.

Define triggers

Here’s the sexy part of cruise control. This is what will make sure you can leave your computer at work – and spend time eating delicious food and opening gifts, without ever having to worry if you are blowing your marketing budget on ads that don’t deliver the expected results. As you can see below, all the ads I publish for the coming week – I have predefined triggers that cruise control will work after.  My objective here is ‘Clicks to website’ – and I really don’t want to pay more than 15NOK (€1,65 or $2.05), so CC will automatically pause the ads that exceed the CPC. I can do the same for frequency – to avoid spamming people’s newsfeed.

Sit back, relax and have your personal ads-assistant work for you.

We think you deserve to take the holidays off. After all – you’ve been working hard the past year. This is for all marketeres working weekends, monitoring ads. This is for the CEO that wants effective ads and less money wasted on Facebook ads. This is for you.

I wish you a merry, merry Christmas and a happy new year! Hopefully we can talk in 2015!


If you’re not a Fanbooster user, but think Cruise Control looks awesome – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.