How you can still use apps to get Page Likes

So, as you may have read, Facebook will no longer allow Facebook apps/landing pages with fan gates. That means you can no longer force people to like your page before they can see your contest or your content.

Read our post on how page likes will have to be based on your dedication to good content. You should also consider buying Facebook like-ads.

However, you can still get likes with apps and landing pages, and here’s how:

Include a like button in your app. Find a good spot for it where you ask kindly that people who don’t already officially like you click the button to continue receiving great content like what they’re currently indulging with. The result – a less intrusive approach to collecting likes, but still something that should get you a good amount of likes.

Some of you will of course get inventive with this and say “Hey, what if I make clicking the like button a mandatory step, as in 1) Answer question in contest, 2) Click like button, 3) Submit.” Nice try. But this is a no go with the Facebook rules. You see the difference, though, right? You can ask people to like your page. You cannot bar participation in your Facebook page’s fun and games behind a page like.


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