We just launched the biggest update to our Facebook and Instagram Ads module, since it was first launched. The goal is to keep is as simple and smooth as possible, yet super powerful.

Breaking news from Fanbooster

We are improving the ads module in Fanbooster to give more flexibility in both the creating and publishing of ads. The biggest changes are new objectives available, new ad solutions, and improved ads reporting, where you will find every metric related to your ad campaign.

And let us not forget  a huge new update regarding Instagram. It is now possible to publish and schedule photos to Instagram using the Fanbooster platform! Read all about it here.

A quick summary of some of the new functions and improvements in the Ads module:

New Ad format – Make the creative at the same time as you create the campaign, straight from the ads module.

New Ad types – Add video to a carousel. Combine videos and images to tell your story.

New Ad CTAs – We added lots of new CTA options, based on objective and post type. Including CTA on video!

New Ad placements – We have opened up for additional placement slike Messenger home, Instagram stories, Facebook In-stream video and Facebook suggested video.

Add URL parameters – Add specific UTM-tags to your campaign.

New Previews – We have updated the preview mode in our Ads module. Using the Facebook preview engine, so you can see what your ads will look like in all placements.

Edit Ads –  Those irritating typos ca now be fixed by editing existing ad.

Ads video management – Upload your videos in the new menu item – Assets . This will process your videos by Facebook before you create the campaign, so they are ready to go.

Disapproved Ads – We have added more information about why your ads are not approved. If this occurs, simply click on the status “ Not approved” to see the reason.

Ads objective results – We have added placement breakdown on campaign and ad set level.

Support access –  Need help? Grant Fanbooster support team time limited access to your account when needed.

“Make your ad campaign on the fly, without the need to have existing published post. With inline ads creation, the user is making the post at the moment and publish it as an ad when campaign is successfully created.”

The new update will make your ads work more smooth and efficient. Instead of creating you ads in publisher first, you now can create it as a part of the ads campaign. How, do you ask? In the Ads module you click on “ create campaign” and you have the option to choose what to do – create ad with existing post or create new ad.

When creating a new ad you will get access to all the new objectives mentioned above.

In addition, we have added the native Facebook preview so that you can see exactly how your ads will look in all placements. A post created directly from the ads module will also be included in the Publisher view, so you can make them public and get organic reach. You can find them from the filter drop-down menu in Publisher.

The Ads tool has now gotten its biggest upgrade since it was launched and there is more to come! Stay tuned to read  more about the coming improvements.