Introducing our newest family member – Audiencer

Wow, this is a moment we are proud of. Our team has worked really hard, and we now have something new and exciting to show you all.

Facebook ads are becoming an important part of any successful Facebook strategy. It’s a great way to reach not only your fans, but your target group, with your content.

What is a Facebook Audience? Read our blog post about it here.

The short version is that a Facebook Custom Audiences let you target people on Facebook based on your existing client- and mailing lists. This is hugely powerful, and as we’ve been experimenting with this over the past year, the results are amazing in terms of targeting your Facebook ads, the cost per conversion you’ll end up with, and the relevance for the people you’re reaching.

While an amazingly powerful targeting tool, the process of updating audiences has been a manual job, somewhat tedious, and with lots of versions of CSV files flying back and forth. For us, and lots of our clients, this has equalled too much time spent and audiences not being updated as often as they should.

We’ve now fixed that. And you’re welcome.

Today we launch Audiencer, the newest member of the Fanbooster Platform family.

Always keep your custom audience updated – automagically.
Combine your customer data and app data in one auto-updated audience. As easy as it should be.

With Audiencer you can:

  • Import your customer data as often as you want, into one auto-updated custom audience
  • Combine that with new and old data from Fanbooster Facebook apps
  • Create lookalikes of your audience – also auto-updated
  • Save sooo much time on managing your audiences

Audiencer is a free update to all Fanbooster customers, and is included in the Fanbooster Platform.


Does it work smoothly with Facebook Power Editor and Ads Manager?
But of course.

Do I need help to get it working?
Probably not, but we’re happy to help.

How long will it take me to set up an audience with Audiencer for the first time?
To be realistic, probably about 15 minutes the first time you check it out.

I’m pretty skilled at Facebook Advertising – are you sure this will make my life easier?

I’m not very skilled at Facebook Advertising – are you sure this will make my life easier?

Go and play with it! If you have any feedback, leave it in the comments below. If you don’t have a Fanbooster account, click here for a free demo.