We are proud of  all the wonderful people behind Fanbooster who work so hard to make our customers’ day better. And we want you all to get to know us better. This sunday we had a little chat with Lisa.

Name: Lisa Langhorn
Age: 30…something for a few more years
Location:  Rolling green hills of the Nottinghamshire countryside….UK
Role in Fanbooster: Fanbooster UK Account Director

What you actually do at Fanbooster?
Build & foster client relations, support all our UK and a few overseas clients, design and build apps, accounting and marketing.  My determination is always to deliver exceptional customer service and support to our clients because it is what will make us stand out from the crowd and because it provides me with job satisfaction.  I believe our clients buy into a person and representative of Fanbooster and not just this amazing product.  Delivering beyond their expectations is something I strive for everyday.

Photography is a long loved interest of mine, I struggle these days to find the time but holidays and get togethers with family and friends I usually can be found behind the camera…never in front :-)

Kayaking in the Lake district in summer, I like being on the water and the scenery is outstanding.

I have always loved to Travel and now being able to take the kids to cities and destinations and watch their minds opening to new sights.  It’s fun to return to places with the kids and experience it through their eyes…..it’s often more relaxing and less rushed when we go at their pace.

Favorite social brand?
I like Cotswold Outdoor, yes one of our customers but solely as a fan they just make me feel like I can get out and do anything. It’s a simple thing but I like their attitude.

How did you end up in Fanbooster?
Back in 2010, these 2 charming Norweigan guys and John Smith sat me down in a conference room in Norway and basically confused me with a new world of social media and told me it was the best reason in the world to leave Sweden and move back to the UK.

First real job?
Travel consultant at Thomas Cook in Liverpool……I thought I would see the world!

What do you think will impact the industry the most in the coming years, and how should businesses relate to it?
ROI – return of investment, I hear it from brands everyday and their managers asking for data, reach, drive traffic, viral effect –  all the buzz words that basically mean what will this do for our image and ultimately our sales margin?  I think we will see an increased emphasis on how interactions are driving cash value for brands.  The more they now start to value social platforms and put investment into them, the more monetised interactions will become.

Favorite song?
So many from every decade and lots of different genres…..right now JT is playing on the radio and I love the ‘Mirrors’ album.

Tell us about your first meeting with “The Eggum’s”?
I knew all the old folk tales about the Eggum’s whilst they worked with John at their previous company.  I first met them in Norway in 2010 when they invited us to talk about Fanbooster and potentially work in the UK with Fanbooster.  I was apprehensive…not to meet them of course as they are charming and great hosts but that they had already turned John’s mind into moving and I didn’t want to leave Sweden.  Olav and Erik met us and like I said delivered this concept of Fanbooster and opened up a whole new world to me but it sounded exciting and new it was really a golden opportunity.  We took it, we moved, worked hard and have never looked back since.

Favorite movie?

Favorite quote?
Happiness is not a destination it is a way of life.

What are your thoughts about Norwegians?
They are friendly, funny, professional and their aquavit makes me dizzy and should come with a health warning ! Their constant use of the words ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ often make me feel like I work with the Norwegian snowboarding team. Which makes me sound older than 30 something !

Funniest customer story?
The man in Thomas Cook who I had to spend 20 minutes convincing that the flight he wanted to book onto with with his friend was full and that NO I would not ring the airline and ask if they minded him standing at the back of the aircraft ‘seen as it was only a short flight to ibiza’ and ‘he was used to standing up and wouldn’t get in the way of the air hostesses’.    There is 20 minutes of my life I’ll never get back !

What’s the best thing in the world?
Sitting on the castlement walls of Alghero, Sardinia. Drinking the local rose wine, eating the most delicious antipasti watching the sunset. Dreaming that one day I can just live there.