Every now and then we are going to let you get to know all the wonderful people behind Fanbooster who works so hard to make our customers days better. This sunday we had a little chat with Momo – who’s one of our awesome developers.


Name: Momchil Venelinov
Age: 26
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Role in Fanbooster: Developer in Bulgarian office of Fanbooster

What you actually do at Fanbooster?
Widgets :) . Many things – new features, bug fixing (bug creation), …

Of course – computer programming. But also I like to travel and visit other countries. I have studied technological entrepreneurship and have interests in marketing.

Favorite social brand?
Facebook! Yes, I really like Facebook. Facebook is important part of the life of contemporary man. I spend around 10 hours a day in Facebook – so I am a bit addicted.

How did you end up in Fanbooster?
Long story :) . I have worked for Fanbooster partner in Bulgaria and have been part of Fanbooster system team. At first – 4 year ago, I was quality assurance engineer of the Fanbooster system, after that for two years I have been working on other projects as developer, and then I have started working on Fanbooster as developer. A year and a half ago my colleague Rosen and I founded the Bulgarian office of Fanbooster.

First real job?
QA for the partner of Fanbooster in Bulgaria.

What do you think will impact the industry the most in the coming years, and how should businesses relate to it?
Social-mobile marketing. Definitely mobile, definitely social – this is the future! People don’t have time to stay home in front of computer, they have smart phone in their pocket and know how to use it. They want everything to be accessible everywhere and we will try to provide it.

Favorite song?

Tell us about your first meeting with “The Eggum’s”?
It was 3 months before we started the Bulgarian office of Fanbooster. Place – Kongsberg of course! Nice place, friendly people and good atmosphere – just perfect! The thing I like about working with them is the trust we have in each other.

Favorite movie?

Favorite quote?
“From the top of each hill you can see the next one, which is higher”

What are your thoughts about Norwegians?
I respect them a lot. They know how to enjoy life and they also know how to be professional.

Funniest customer story?
I don’t have direct contact with the customers, but for my Master degree last year I had to researched the usage of the Christmas calendar widget – it is so cool to see how clients use something you have created.

What’s the best thing in the world?
To be pleased with yourself!