Since we founded Fanbooster in 2010, we’ve been a leading Facebook and social media marketing company in Norway and the Nordics. In 2013 we merged with our friends at ‘Fennek & Friends’ to further strengthen our position. Today, we are the only Norwegian Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, represented in seven European markets, and with users in more than 40 countries.

The road to where we are today has been a steady hike. Fanbooster was initially founded by Olav, and his two sons – Erik and Vegard. Since then we have grown to become 25 employees, as well as being represented by agents across Europe. We’re proud of our past and excited about the future.

Building the media of tomorrow with big data and knowledge.

As you might have guessed from the headline, we have some exciting news to share. Polaris Media has joined us on the journey of answering big questions and building the media of tomorrow with big data and knowledge. Polaris Media contributes together with other investors to raise a total of €1M and is also welcomed into the family with a board seat in Fanbooster. In addition we will work on utilising the Fanbooster software and expertise for both the media houses in and outside Polaris Media.

Polaris and Fanbooster share the vision of using data to drive revenue and engagement. Even though Polaris has traditional media and Fanbooster work with social media. we both believe a cross-platform approach is crucial to maximize the results for advertisers. Together with Polaris Media, we are now positioned to shape the media of the future.

What this means to Fanbooster users.

For the most part, we will keep building and strengthening our existing products. We will also keep polishing the products that we’ve launched over the past year: namely Facebook Ads, our solutions for Page publishing, and Page management, and our managed services. Our clients in the media industry  might notice a stronger presence, as we get more know-how through working with Polaris, and have a clear ambition to develop solutions that can help the media industry use the changing media landscape for something good. But most of all, we will keep building on what has made us who we are – the support.

We wish you a great 2015!

CEO Fanbooster.