Q&A on startups with TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher

We had a quick chat with the TechCrunch journalist Mike Butcher at this year’s Techfest in Stockholm. Here are 5 and a half super quick Q&A’s:

First of all, Mike…

You are often the one to interview, so how do you feel about being interviewed?

– I feel fine about it and often I can get across some useful information for startups.

2) We met up at Stockholm TechFest, and I´m wondering which startups caught your attention the most? Which startup presented the best pitch?

–  Ryan Leslie the rap artist did a great pitch and I think his startup has a lot of potential. Most of them were great so it’s hard to pick the best. European startups present so much better now compared to 5 years ago.

More on that startup on our own blog post about Sthlm TechFest.

3) You might see this better from the outside. Can you say if there’s a main trend within the nordic startup scene right now, if so what?

– One of the main ones is in games. Nordic startups seem to be very good at them.

4) Do you have an opinion on what country in the nordics are best on startups? And which countries in the world that are the most interesting within this field?

– For sheer size it would be Sweden and Finland, followed by Denmark, then Norway.

5) I´m really geeky about digital marketing, so I have to ask if you can say anything about what leading trends you see in digital marketing this year, and what you think may happen in this field within the next couple of years? Do you know of any startups working with new technology that can change the way we do digital marketing now?

– Very simple: everything goes mobile. I think IOT and in-store targeting is probably at the cutting edge.

5,5: Do you have anything you would like to add while wrapping this up?

– Yes: Expect things to get harder and more complicated!