Fanbooster Blog Report April’ 14

Finally time to share our blog stats for last month! April has been an amazing month for us – and we’re exited to share what we’ve learned. One of our key learnings for this month is that the more content you create, the better results you’ll get. This gave us over 200% more page views and 42% more visitors, and we created 600% more leads then last month!

We still haven’t decided on the design and setup of the blog – so this month resulted in another redesign. This made the bounce rate go way up – but overall sharing has increased a lot as well.

We also tried a couple of posts with a Facebook share button in the middle of the posts (instead of just in the far bottom of the post) – this turned out a lot better then we thought it would. We where afraid it would just interrupt the readers – but the data tells us otherwise.


One last finding that we wanted to share, before we get to the nerdy stuff, is our experience with video. Video has worked out great – and we even created shorter versions as “trailers” for our ads and posts. We are not done crunching the numbers, but videos get a higher share the average. We are going to continue to test this out.

Ok, here are the numbers for April ‘14:

Users: 4 241 (+42%)
Sessions: 5 688 (+54%)
Pageviews: 19 966 (+209%)
Posts published: 26 (+18)
Top 3 referrals: Facebook, Twitter and Fanbooster.com

Leads via blog form: 600% increase

We are really happy with the big increase in leads directly from the blog, and we are going to continue to test out the call to actions inside and around the blog.

Top 10 posts

  1. Facebook finally punish pages that beg for likes, shares and comments
  2. Seth Godin thinks of you as a mushroom farmer
  3. 10 tips to rock social media listening (10th last week)
  4. Facebook ads picture sizes (2nd last week)
  5. Meet the new Creator (Same last week)
  6. How to write a story worth sharing
  7. Liam Patterson from The Lad Bible
  8. Let data show you when to STOP writing
  9. Introducing our newest family member – Audiencer
  10. Getting started with Facebook Ads (the basics) (4th last week)

So to sum it all up. More content, better results. Video works, and sharing within posts work really as well. We are going to continue to a/b test headlines, pictures and blog design – and also write more case studies.

If you have any questions, just ask in the comment section.

Thanks! 🙂

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