Rosen Simov

Name: Rosen Simov
Age: 26
Location: Sofia Valley, Bulgaria
Role in Fanbooster: Chief Technical Officer Fanbooster Platform

What you actually do at Fanbooster?
Many things, actually! I am in charge of the important technical decisions, also coding on a daily basis and making sure the whole development team is synced and going into the right direction. I’m as well part of the product development of the whole Fanbooster stack.

Of course, everything related to technology is something that I care about 🙂 Apart from that, Sports is definitely the favourite – I’m a huge sports fan, with Football being number 1, Tennis, Basketball, Athletics as well. I can enjoy watching any kind of sport. I also have very diverse music taste and equally enjoy Ol’ School Rap and Trance, for instance. Travelling is another hobby.

Favorite social brand?
Foursquare. It is a cool digital diary and I enjoy browsing my check-in history and re-live past experiences 🙂

How did you end up in Fanbooster?
I was working for the ex-partner of Fanbooster in Bulgaria and suddenly I was in Norway talking about starting Fanbooster’s own office in my home country. I was really excited about the opportunity and it came to life in mid 2012 with me and another colleague as the first employees. Only cool things have been happening since then 🙂

First real job?
Like with a monthly salary? Well, it may surprise you, but I was a professional sports tipster during the first year of university. Fun fact – I was really good in Norwegian Tippeligaen 😉

What do you think will impact the industry the most in the coming years, and how should businesses relate to it?
Hard to guess, but social is something that will develop and expand even more. It will be interesting to see if devices like Gear or Glass win a significant market share and force us to write apps for them.

Favorite song?

Tell us about your first meeting with “The Eggum’s”?
Pretty cool encounter. I got a very warm welcome during my first visit to Norway and really enjoyed talking and discussing the future 🙂 “Aquavit” was not a favourite back then, but it has definitely become one 😛

Favorite movie?
Hard to pick. Tarantino’s movies are all just awesome. But I’ll go for TV Series and name “Lost” and “Friends”.

Favorite quote?
Not a big fan of quotes, actually. On a second thought: “Work hard, Play hard”.

What are your thoughts about Norwegians?
People with great outlook on life, a really positive one. They know how to do business and how to party. I am so glad that I can work with them.

Funniest customer story?
I avoid customers. If they do not know about me then I’m doing a great job 😉

What’s the best thing in the world?
Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Should be on anyone’s bucket list. Glad that I’ve recently crossed it off of mine.