For the 4th year in a row it’s time for the conference Social Summer. The 14th of August, in an cozy backyard in central Oslo, we gather 100 people to a day filled with sun, cold drinks, amazing food and some of the most interesting people in the marketing industry.

We limit it to only 100 people to create an intimate and personal vibe, we also have long breaks between every talk to encourage everyone to network, discuss and share stories.

Every talk is limited to 20 minutes, and there are no slides allowed. This forces the speakers to make their ideas, key points and stories as focused and clear as possible.

To me, that’s what I love about this event. It’s done just how SkavhellenFanbooster and I want it. Relaxed and informal, but with content that’ll get you thinking. The perfect conference experience, where the right things are in focus.

On the center stage surrounded by marketers in sunglasses with a cold one in their hands the following speakers will share their stories:

Thimon de Jong – renowned futurist and business thinker, visiting from the Netherlands,  will share his insights about how consumers, brands and marketers are changing – and how to take advantage of that.

Ingeborg Volan – head of social media at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) will share her thoughts about how media should embrace the social and digital.

Kristian Lyse – works at the award winning ad-agency SMFB and his presentation is called The Death of the Social Media experts.

Martin Wettergren – a Swedish entrepreneur who chose to take a 4 month journey around the world, when his company was in a crucial stage. Will talk about his journey and why this was the best decision he could possibly make. For him, and his company.

Anders Gottlieb-Nygaard – has years of experience working with companies like Nike iD, Sony, UEFA Champions League and Heineken on branding and communication. Will tell us why we need to think more like scientists and less like artists.

And that’s the list. Our speakers, whom I am very proud to have on stage. The official program is from 1 pm to 5 pm, but the party will continue until 11 pm. (Or later, if you’re up for a pub crawl)

There are a few tickets left, so I hope I see you there!