Blacklist specific words: Automatically hide posts-, or get an alert whenever users post predefined words on your Facebook Page. Want to filter out posts with swearwords? Or is your brand struggling with bad publicity? Set up the blacklist to filter on words typical for this, so you’ll be notified whenever they’re posted.

Predefined answers to posts, comments and direct messages: Do you find yourself posting the same answers to the same questions again and again? -Stuff that’s listed in your FAQ (frequently asked questions), but people ask anyway. Choose answers from a list of commonly used answers (that you set under Settings → Auto Answer Settings), and save valuable time!

This may be the single best time saver you’ve seen in months and could easily save you 1 hour per week. What? See the math at the bottom of this post.

We’re working hard to make Fanbooster Inbox a tool that will save you time managing your Facebook pages, and a tool that can really make a difference to your brands. Judging from your feedback, we’re getting there. If you haven’t tried Fanbooster Inbox yet, shoot me an email at, and I’ll set you up with a run-through. You can of course also try on your own if you already have a Facebook login.

The math
Let’s assume you reply to 20 posts per day on Facebook
And that half (20/2 = 10) of these are questions you get every day
On average it may take you 1 minute per answer. You have to come up with the wording, copy and paste some URL into the reply, and reread to make sure you didn’t mistype anything.
10 posts x 1 minute = 10 minutes. 10 minutes x 5 days per week = 50 minutes per week. When was the last time someone just handed you 50 minutes?

Don’t know what we’re talking about?
Fanbooster Inbox is a tool to manage your Facebook Pages. With advanced cruise control features you can automate a lot of the monitoring of your pages. And if several employees are working on the same Facebook Page, the system will help you delegate tasks more efficiently.